Part #: PT308 PT308 308/328 Timing Belt Tensioner Bearing (PAIR)


Pair of Ferrari 308/328 Tensioner pullies, designed and manufactured by Hill Engineering (Ferrari p/n 105206, and replaces TEN308)

  • Light weight outer housing that takes its design from the PT348 tensioner bearings.  The original SKF bearings are 436 grams each, the PT308 bearings are 298 grams each.
  • Dual angular contact bearing design with single piece inner race rather that the split inner race that has a tendency of falling apart if the installer is unaware of the consequences of not installing correctly.
  • High temperature rated grease and seals
  • Bearings made to Hill Engineering's specifications on grease, seals, cage material and internal clearances.
Sold only in serial number recorded pairs.


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