348 Timing Belt Service - Part 11

good more you need to back at the 348
hopefully we get the engine kind of look
like I'm like an engine again which
would be sweet let's keep working on it
and see what we get done today Oscar can
inspect so we got to pull the pulleys
off try to get I mean it was close but I
just wouldn't let go I went to the Home
Depot bought a nice bar yep bought a
couple pieces of round bar chucked him
up in the drill and put him in the
sander nice my get away my get away get
yep made myself an extension here for
our dial indicators now we've got good
position we're doing our fine adjustment
we proved the point this morning with
our initial check that the coarse
adjustment got us unless you yeah I got
us real close like good enough for most
people they're not for us correct in
addition to that what we proved was
going from position to position we
gained four degrees of advance so I want
a 112 degrees centreline for how we've
mapped the motor and we went from 110 to
114 which makes sense because the holes
are about four degree increments so we
couldn't get 112 correct so what we're
gonna have to do now is we're locking
all the cams again
okay business cards got the paper yep we
got a TD seat all the cams are locked
we're gonna drop the tensioner and we're
gonna pull this gear off and flip it
like 180 degrees let's see what pin
lines up and then start the process over
again and see if the new offset that's
all yeah well get SR are two degrees so
the hope is that by flipping 180 it sets
it off from 110 to 114 to 112 116 108
exactly and then we find the right pin
exactly okay and so far we've only been
working on the one exhaust cam alright
so pull the tension off and lock down
the tensioner yeah and there's not
really a nice
what I'm doing this very carefully so we
don't so you don't want to put pressure
in the belt right
not really but there's two other good
way to do it so we're just gonna be real
gentle about it mm-hmm all right so
we're gonna want the camshaft to go
backwards backwards and if we look at
that next hole right how far back it is
there's barely any eclipses there right
yeah barely any so we have to find half
that distance right I what we're about
to do something like super super small
adjustment yeah
the quest for 112 degrees that sounds
like a vh1 where are they now episode
back in 1992 this TS came out of the
factory man where is it today
all right in Austin Texas we got that
with the cam gear did rotate forward
touch I have never taken the time to try
and map to my way through this and
figure out how many teeth is what yeah
you're just kind of random it guess in
check guess in check pretty much I mean
I'm sure there's a more intelligent way
to do this but I'm only so much smarter
that might be it right there when we
started this we were in the last hole
over here mm-hmm
so our next adjustment was here right
and if you got a good tight shot you saw
how much you know what like I'm gonna
call it the Eclipse right how much the
material overlapping there was between
the cam gear and the cam shaft right so
now if you come up here and look at this
third hole really close that looks
pretty damn close to me so it's not
gonna lie until you loosen the the cam
business card yep so what we're gonna do
now is hold the cam yeah as you loosen
that and then twist it right correct so
you only have to push on the pin yep go
ahead and put a little we have it locked
so yeah you gotta you gotta loosen the
lock as he tries to turn
and I'll try and push the pin okay okay
wait yeah
the cam gear is moving all right then go
ahead and loosen the tensioner so that
way we'll see that'll hold the gear a
little bit better there goes all right
sorry okay all right
tension on the pin leave it yep ready
yep yeah there we go there goes yeah yep
here got it so now I tighten it all up
and check it again although you're gonna
have to redo the tension on that right
no usually sit oh that's right
you have to reach spin it fine yeah
tension point good call good yeah but
the tension will make a degree of
difference this is where it's just a
repeat repeat repeat yep
yeah this is where he gets hyper teen
you all right everyone understand that
hope you got it good oh good all right
so we're trying to understand the math
of how many degrees because there's 32
teeth there's 15 holes and there's nine
holes in the cam and we were trying to
do all the calculations on it and then
of course the diagram shows that ten
degrees between each tooth on the cam
here 24 degrees between each hole and
then 22 and 1/2 degrees between each cam
position and so we started doing the
math of like well how do you get that
aligned right how do you get a lined
right so before that line I was
explaining to normal guy here that as a
dumb mechanic this mathematics is a bit
more complicated than my time allows me
to worry about it so I just arbitrarily
use the visual of the alignment of the
pinholes and rotate the cam until I see
what I believe I need to see and then I
repin it and I remesh it because for me
that's much faster than ever trying to
sit down and do this so to prove my
point I scroll down here to the cam
timing procedure just to show the part
here where the factory manual does not
explain exactly how to find the one
degree then find one hole on the pulley
align with
on the camshaft and insert the drive
doll so it's literally like guess just
guess yep yep so factory manual says
just yes until it's perfectly it's
hilarious exactly alright well so don't
bother doing all the math get uncheck
guessing check and find a whole
employees yeah seriously curious what
guessing and checking looks like yeah
it's a lot of math still that's kind of
what it looks like yeah here's where
we're doing a centerline calculation to
help eliminate the possible variation
between you know a precision degree
reading so we're cross-checking the
number of degrees that we're measuring
to centerline from the book to make sure
that the math all works out is with this
convoluted process in my opinion
checking it the same measurement with
three different calculations is the only
way to make absolutely certain that
you're accurate within one degree now
we've guessed
let's check just trying to find the
maximum right about then yeah and then
tighten it down on that that was awesome
chance why we've balanced well
okay so we go to eggs 26 degrees on the
exhaust side
cool forget it there Wow stuff moved a
lot yeah we're not in the post now we're
way retarded now or the issue is we
don't have a good zero
it wasn't quiet zero
26 yeah that's not gonna work maybe a
stash it was 48 and a half where were we
before pick do something with the three
we're gonna advance it to degrees there
are two holes I should say not two
degrees two holes which would give us
eight degrees or is it yep right at 53
54 54 Oh perfect
so some degree advance from where we
want it which yep we think you'll
slacken yeah as the belts break in try
just advancing it one one more hole and
see where that gets us so we're at 111
we want to be at 112 minimum 113
preference yeah one 112 113 fine okay so
we gotta shoot again - pew pew the map
wasn't so hard to figure out yeah this
would be nicely because it Oh
pull it turn X number of teeth and tada
but you know you got belt tension and
belt stretch and a bunch of other stuff
so right after this is round five maybe
yeah we think we got it three hours the
cam is not easy
perfect 51 please be a five can I get a
five five there's no plan number right
there in five whew 113 all right it's
got high 13 degrees centered on the
exhaust Kim modeling that we did
compared to the factory booked I'm
really I want a little over 112 degrees
centerline on the exhaust cam they get
the curve that that I want for the motor
so at 113 when the belt relaxes under
you know normal stretch that'll get us
112 and a half or so and that should be
I should be really good then
yeah yeah that's as close to perfect as
we're gonna get whoo so because we
flopped to the other side and it's a
flat plane crank this cylinder is 180
degrees off from that cylinder so we're
starting at bottom dead center instead
of top dead center so it's the same two
degree position for the camera openings
just from starting from bottom dead
center so top designer simplification if
I wanted to read the degree wheel the
same exact way I read it over there I'd
have to rotate 100 yes got it okay cool
this camera is at 111 because we're
shooting for perfection we're gonna
adjust it normally that would be plenty
but we're gonna go for balls where you
go for as Jeff said this is going to be
titties super titties super titties it's
pretty tips right now but we want super
kids yeah we kind of are expecting
because each pin movement should be 4
degrees and we really only want 2 so
we're expecting to overshoot our mark by
2 degrees right but we're gonna do it
anyway just to prove that fact and make
sure there's not some other variable
with the belt tension and whatnot that
you know we're not gonna guess our way
out of so once we prove that we've
overshot it then we'll lock the motor
and flip the gear around again and try
the process over to find that 2 to 2
degrees so we're gonna do is hold over
I'm sad to report that we are a good
probably seven hours in today well just
today just today yeah yeah not a while
yesterday yep probably 10 hours just
chiming these things yeah yeah part of
that is because of this you know key
dial indicator setup it's been really
frustrating to keep it consistent the
other part of it is the assembly marks
are really not nearly close to ideal
timing know some of these camshafts have
needed a lot of movement which requires
your II clock in the ear multiple times
to find that two degrees that we want
joy yeah so far one camshaft out of four
has fallen right into place not not
everything that professional Ferrari
mechanics say about the difficulty to
get precise work out of these cars is
just the bust your balls some of it is
actual fact based on experience the bolt
out the shim or the pin out this is why
I don't really like doing it this way
cuz right now this this cylinder has a
well it's wide open so depending on
which side of the lobe we're on the camp
will want to kick one way or the other
in my my wrench here only wants to got a
lot of flex I can only hold tension on
it one direction or the other what you
do Stu yeah right he stuck his tongue
into that super hot stuff
yeah hot sauce and you know I you
sweating you literally suddenly net
mm-hmm yeah it's a little heat to it do
it oh no come on do it come on do it no
it's a smile it's not bad it smells
worse than it is it smells like it's hot
as hell doesn't it
no smooth that was no scent that's
that's that's that's a silent deadly
right there I mean I would suggest
unless you're born in this state in
heaven Wow leather
it really doesn't smell so much
doesn't that's where my very slight hint
of peppers yeah there you put a little
bit on not after you licked it fresh one
yeah I'm gonna see this go for it
I like the dumbassery Awards oh that's a
lot fucking shit
gang keys I'm just a little heat to it
right so your full strength oh yeah if
you put that straight in your mouth
there's a gulf lividity on all right
this is the face of partial defeat
that's the face of worry plate defeat
yeah and this is verifying defeat so we
think no I don't see any sign of no
marking other than cars and build-up and
every marks over here yeah it seems like
you have to you have to not like this
day I could feel it when I turned it
over and I've done enough of these that
I know for a fact that when we're as far
advanced as we work there's a real good
chance of it touching stuff all in the
deletes that we need to we need to pull
that ahead and check those intake valves
that way they don't end up buried in
pistons yeah they're bent especially
because we're bringing up the IP ends
yeah yeah so we need to be in perfect
working order
yep son of man bitch all right so here's
the scoop we accidentally advanced the
cam too much and when we did that the
intake valves touched the Pistons we
don't know how hard but enough to leave
a mark on the piston which means it
could have bent the valves or damaged
something so now we have to pull off the
head to inspect the valves because in
order to respect the valves you have to
take the valve out of the engine and
check and see if it's got me Ben angle
on it right yeah yeah yeah yes this is
what the heads look like and that's
where the valve would be and we don't
want is this this is a bent valve you
know it
wobbles a little yeah we don't want that
yeah it's wobbly that's bad and right
here see that mark right there that's
that's where the valves touched so in
this case it was the exhaust valve
that's gonna slow our progress a little
but it's better than a blown up motor so
a better safe than sorry
fortunately I think we have to claim
that math kicked our ass today okay so
because it's uh we locked it in place it
hopefully theoretically will be in the
same spot I'm shocked pull the pin in
this whole gear yep yeah exactly
since we already timed everything we've
got all the camshafts locked in position
with the car and we're gonna leave them
all like that so theoretically what we
need to do that anyway because you were
still off right so check out the exhaust
manifold we're leaving the cams in
because we locked them down and then
after you all the head bolts oh you are
still you have to pull one of the cams
aren't you because to get the valve out
once we get it up on the bench we'll
pull the intake cam locks yes it's a lot
easier getting to the exhaust manifold
bolts when the engines not in the damn
car well if you did one exhaust manifold
this must be the time to do right those
are off
see that's what's under how do you
torque them like that Oh weird well
that's cool this is actually the hill
engineering part no oh it's that far
apart Lynn ragini part pretty much all
of this cylinder head subs are all the
same size in Europe it's all 11
millimeter an American at 7/16 the very
early stuff was 10 millimeter or 3/8 so
that's small yeah
all right bolt on you
two four six eight ten let's have a lot
of work right good bit now we have to
see your pistons
we'll pull up your skirt I'll make it
let me see your guts baby show me your
treats that is the end of the camshaft
you can see the alignment holes there
oh yeah they definitely kill oh yeah you
know all four cylinders yep
shit see the marks no bueno
says it right now we know for a fact
that they touched yeah so the only
question is do they get damaged did they
get damaged all right sorry pulling off
the intake cam right yep
off the camera remove one bucket so we
can pull one valve out and check it and
then decide how we feel from there okay
not that it's a big deal of pull them
all and check all of them we'll start
with one right if one's bad and we never
have to see them all or dad exactly
fortunately I already have a couple of
348 heads here apart ball spring
compressor tool
there we go yeah that keepers are
cone-shaped there are grooves machine at
the end of the valve that they grip see
so there's one raised edge there that
clips into a machine groove and the end
of the valve and otherwise the tapered
shape so what keeps it wedged in there
mr. bill
that looks pretty good any movement you
can feel a tiny bit of hot hang up all
right you too bill we're kind of a
little bit sad right now yeah this is
our current situation so obviously we
have to order some parts we have to get
new valves we decided it's it's not
worth the risk
for the valves touch the pistons doesn't
matter that we can't see any physical
damage on the valve it's just not worth
the risk we're gonna get new valves so
we got eight new intake valves new head
gasket so that's gonna set us back by
probably about a week so we're all kind
of depressed right now yes we're
supposed to look sad as you know this
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that's kind of gonna wrap it up for
tonight so we're gonna have to continue
this probably next weekend once the
parts arrive look at this thing put back
together and shoved in that damn car and
start it up so you guys gonna hear the
glorious sound of this 348 till then
we're gonna go drink some beer alright
guys we'll see you soon to be sweet