348 Timing Belt Service - Part 9

good morning to all right we are at I
don't even know it but it's like eight
or ninth day whoa
July 12th is the actual date I'm gonna
get hopefully get some cams in there
today maybe start doing some timing
tomorrow the water pump on there we're
continuing on with a 348 major so it's
be awesome tap on the gasket how could
you have gotten that far in life and not
had a moccasin yet I probably did years
ago when I was a kid but as soon as I
became old enough to make my own choices
I avoid quacks I just I'd rather just
die in a field alone teamwork makes the
dream work it's just the the pin the
dowels a little tight in the house it'll
spin oh looks so nice and shiny all
right add a little green
you know peak goober is it just all
I wouldn't think we do thanks for
sobering yeah that makes sense make sure
we don't pitch though ring yeah we're
learning that lesson
oops forgot the the hose where my hose
that I haven't seen that's not going to
be possible to put on later so you have
to take it off and put the back on all
right much better with hose
where my HOS at right there where your
hoes oh yeah I got em all rolled up over
there did you hear back on the ECU's yet
yes all right
geez you always get all nervous and it
keeps going and going you're like yeah
we got new hose part numbers oh there's
two part numbers 1 4 0 65 and oh one
four zero six two four these two hoses
right yeah returned over by the way this
video is sponsored by Ricambi
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use the code ngs10 you're gonna get ten
percent off your entire order cuz
they're awesome they hooking you guys up
all the parts here yeah I got from ur
can be America yeah party just arrived
well Lisa's catching you before you
drink a bunch really good five days five
degrees your cone in there which wasn't
working really probably before you know
it blue cool air but not cold
yeah well get cold now that thing's been
rebuilt so both the alternator and the
AC that's sent out and got rebuilt so
they should be good to go I'm sure they
come up here yep I should be filming you
suffer while you hold the very heavy
crap are we done
there we go once we put in the right
spot oh good thing we get America's best
and brightest on the job you even have a
damn example right there
it was meant to go there oh man what was
that Tim what was it we just kind of
record stuff and then occasionally some
stupidity comes out that usually makes
the cut that that guy right there you
see that that's a camera and he's
recording teamwork makes the dream work
hey Tim yeah how long you working on
this thing seven hours that's some crap
lucky that's leading to a lot of puns
but we drop the bolt down the hole I'm
not sucking on it josh is like it is
actually josh is like dude I will mentor
you just for the laughs yeah I gotta pay
you shit cuz you're wack get everything
every period just to entertain him gotta
be I know it's operation remove the
pieces and collect your fee by going
touch the sides the comedy Contras never
ending play the damn
now the march of the gladiators again
josh is gonna make me start wearing a
clown shoes every time I show up do we
do we finally get it
I shouldn't timing this we're having the
plastic guard things of which this one
is kind of broken so we're just gonna
super glue it together because because
normal guy it's been glued before yeah
look oh yeah definitely so this is not
the first time it's broken why take out
your aggressions Tim all right how do
you know what it's bottom and run cover
their eyes so if it goes flying that's a
lot of pressure no way
damn dude told you don't be a little
this man sawzall I am kind of this point
we haven't used on this car yet good old
pry bar yeah I don't want to cross
thread yeah that's a lot of pressure at
the damageable it's only a
multi-thousand dollar front cover that's
probably not available
badass Frank ain't nobody got time for
this no rings new o-rings for what for
the cam bolts it both the pulleys on to
the camp okay so one one for 808 nice
one for each pulley there is the new
o-rings and then go in those on the cams
mmm there tighten the tensioner we're
gonna put some pressure and then tighten
it so it's actually able to get the cam
timing belt on correct we want it in the
fully collapsed right
and then when this is all in place and
you loosen it it shoots up and tightens
it you see how that's offset you can see
you know there's this the hole is
slotted so you got room for us to move
so we're going to take a little load off
it see that yep so now tighten it yep
we'll just go get down and then boom
nice so you know that doesn't feel good
no damn it
Josh gets the cause bitches again what
what's so difficult about it was right
just something like it was cross ready
yeah oh my god what would I do without
alright it's just the stopping point for
tonight we gotta put this in the all
right we're wrapping it up when continue
tomorrow we'll get the cams in we'll do
the timing to be a sweet video so you
guys I want to stay tuned for that all
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stuff come on do that all right guys
let's get going
Candies and some car stuff tomorrow it's
gonna be sweet