348 Timing Belt Service - Part 5

all right wherever yeah oh yeah I get
off the accessories yeah
so AC suppressor and just got here all
right cool cool you're in time for the
first bolt woohoo
loosen the jackscrew on the tensioner
that's gonna run away this is tightness
you have pulling it down I'll hold it
hey captain I looked up your fall
information for your 4 or 5 8 headlight
stuff oh do you want the good news or
the bad news
ah shit how much that's how a new
modular Sun right there's a pretty good
chance right the faults our second fault
is no serial line communication with the
body control module the first fault is
the one that I shared with you of tried
doing the hard reset and the battery and
then if it's not that try reprogramming
it because it might have lost its proxy
alignment and if that doesn't work
replace the module so it made me a bad
module yeah might be a bad another
probably expensive as hell probably but
we might be able to get a good used one
oh that's true electronic right it
either works or doesn't pretty much and
some fries get wrecked in the front end
some get more wrecked in the back end so
I'll find it rip back end yeah yeah I
know you want to use it oh dude did you
like mess that bolt up nah the lower one
on the AC compressor gets twice screwed
up it shouldn't be dude yeah it's like a
Sunni degree angle went in just fine and
then I couldn't get a wrench on it and
there goes that bolt kind of like small
man messed up yeah I think that was
supposed to be a torque so he tried to
cram oh it could be is that that can't
be a torque in Allen the things all
bummed up as long ago before yeah
double-team in it
meanwhile I'll just sit here because I'm
apparently the director now that's my
I just direct things are you kidding me
what did hit the frame Oh what the hell
oh my god it comes literally a quarter
of an inch shy of the frame you think I
think it might be enough I think it
might be out enough maybe the AC
compressor comes out I think we have to
take that bracket off anyway back there
- Anna - I'll turn yours funny you gotta
break out the hammer
to jump at least they put something on
here tight more hammer oh yeah no one
really went in there deep she said she
said yeah sweet baby Jesus yeah some
bitches over there it goes now you got
take the one behind there you go girls
thank you sir you're the man now roll it
down so few years it's like wow
getting naked still has good sticks you
can't just spin it freely as if there's
zero grease in it try to spin it and it
grabs pretty good it's a good sign that
there should still be plenty of grease
in it it's not noisy yeah good we're
loosening the oil pan on the front 7 so
we can take off the cover behind the
crank pulley okay so it turns out we
will have to remove the entire drain pan
so of note we're not just doing the
timing belt service we're actually doing
a lot of other stuff basically yeah
we're doing a major major service not
just a major service so those things we
torn down to basically a lawn block just
the the block and heads and a
transmission that'll still be attached
stuff to remove yeah ridiculous guys got
the easiest job in the world can belt
service on a VA Ferrara no you're
bitching like they're building a brand
Colosseum in Rome ridiculous try
building a vintage and v12 tune in six
carburetors and synchronizing dual
distributors then tell me how difficult
it is did you get it all the other day
yeah runs bitching right Marines right
here Josh pound I'm a little bit was you
know they're seriously yeah there's a
glob of weld on that thing hmm I don't
want to refine that too much cuz we're
gonna have to take it you come off with
the oil pan or you gotta take it off at
the oil pan actually you kind of got a
do bowls because we got to drop the pan
straight down yeah break the nut loose
and then undo that clamp and that clamp
okay and then move that out of the way
alright and if you can fit under the
stand on the creeper you can use the
creeper not that that was a dare
now you're probably gonna get a bunch of
oil out of that so yeah face ready I'm
just kind of fast though good reaction
time practice makes perfect
don't fly off but just kind of be
prepared with your hands to it to give
an angle on holidays move this side this
clutch chingadera maybe hanging it up
because it's jammed in there
oh right did it toy bent oh yeah shit
that's why I was getting tighter it's
jamming against the motor mount yeah you
gotta put that back in right maybe you
need to go that badly I think we're just
gonna cut it off oh man I hope we didn't
get the sawzall
that's wonder why I was getting tighter
as I loosened it up yeah it's bent
that's bad that's now I can successfully
say you've broken two Ferraris in one
day my door oh maybe we should have him
go try your door cuz if he broke my door
maybe I'll break your door see you like
that now don't worry but yeah it's fine
we already got it
holy crap
this mission well so look it's dripping
here's this chingadera there you go well
the chingus machine oh yeah there's no
point in putting that stuff back on
earth kind of looking at it
that was my Ferrari went to all that
effort time she need to go from there to
there but then not one to go to Roma
cams well that's the bolt that we are
they like I don't know what it is not
bolts I got a stutterer yeah it's bad we
have to get new one
shit see how this is all epoxy together
for some reason yeah I have to the
wiring harness was cut and they POC seed
it back together so I'm replacing it but
I wanted to see if they were just a POC
seeing like the cover on or if the base
it actually look like a base is crack
you look down here well maybe not see
that's the thing is I don't yeah yeah
there you go
yeah right down there yeah oh it's
cracked yeah yeah holy correct so
normally you can just slide that sleeve
off but because of all the gobbed on
epoxy see we're bonded to it so there
was no way to do it I just wanted to
make certain before I bought a full
mirror assembly that this one's good
yeah it's great
okay all right so oil pans off tomorrow
we will come back and get the belts and
all the pulleys and tensioners off and
get the front of the engine off whoo
tonight was a rough one man that pan is
a bitch to get off