348 Timing Belt Service - Part 4

good morning YouTube it is day one of
the 3:48 teardown so Tim's already
underway probably missed a little bit
you can see the spark plugs are out we
got it looks like the exposed the timing
belts on the top now we'll pull on the
plenum already pull McLennan all right
I've got two bolts out so we got very
all right so obviously all this is going
to come off this comes off really yeah
it'll look like that yeah yeah hole
intake will come off we're gonna do the
valve cover gaskets too so those will
come off bunch of this is basically be
gone so let's get going
all right so still cheering away on the
intakes yeah these are not pleasant jeez
it's in there yeah okay definitely need
a swivel and a skinny extinction you get
in there you can see got this side done
to the right side jackpot we gotta get
the intake out yeah it doesn't have to
but we're doing it because we're since
it's out we're gonna do everything yeah
yeah so what are the other common
problems on or maintenance issues that
you're trying to address oh it's just
just a normal major service and when you
do that it's all the belts they
recommend replacing the water pump when
you do it because they're prone to
failure although timing chain it's got
an internal change but oh yeah the water
pump is run off of the off the belt and
that's what causes the failures is there
under such tension okay and so we can be
hooked me up with a new design one that
supposed to be a lot better redesigned
impellers by the way did you know that
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customer for life
I mean if raqami's hooking it up man
there's no reason
to do a proper service mm-hmm retail I
don't want to be back in here for at
least five years Wow
wait that tool mm-hmm my mom would kill
me if she saw me doing it say hopefully
you don't have any porcelain teeth
sticks those little clamps something yep
the battery is really low sometimes
they'll shut off one of this ECU's and
they'll run as a force letter it's real
if it detects a problem yeah it'll shut
off a bank suite that's got a ground
strap on it too yep cool hey you work on
Northstar cadillacs this is which is
worse grab the back of it I'll grab the
front that is that's the redundant one
right there and I've got one oh yeah was
this is coming right to here okay that
one's off this okay maybe we should
throw some rags and the intake holes
before we do much but you can't get a
cup enough to do that and I guess so
yeah just keep it near high yeah if you
look at here they're actually different
size balls see there's different size
holes inside the brown straps and these
power cords have to go through this big
bar we have to do something where that's
the fuel rail just to come out something
simple somewhere it disconnects right
here in my pole out she'll barely pull
I know I think you're hung up underneath
something ahead of this thing is just
heavier than I expected this has to come
on here we go okay so yeah that that
Lauren you wanna pull these through yeah
those brackets that hold the entertained
you see you're supposed to eating
popcorn no doesn't do those look you
only brought me chips I'm sorry alright
so those two brackets up underneath oh
yeah the one good have the looks like
there's your ten yeah they're ten mil
yeah better later on because they're
attached it's probably the hottest part
of the whole Italians have tooth factory
torque specs you know way too tight and
probably not quite tight enough does
they even use torque wrenches on these
putting them to the other back then
carefully calibrated electronic impact
bonus okay one more that's it
Clifton stop ten yep
nice all right hmm one major piece off
hooray yeah I'd probably take some blue
shop towels stuff down there initiation
to do right now in level hand yeah roll
of duct tape mm-hmm the $0.59 solution
to prevent a 50 $15,000 problem its
scale of economy yeah well I thought it
was funny that when he asked me about
this job and at Google and the first
Google results of it auto-populate were
Ferrari 348 LS engine swap so somebody
sent me a link today there's a company
in Italy that's taken these and doing a
360 engine swap on them whoa and a whole
bunch of body working why don't you just
go to the 430 and solve it with the
timing chain because then you have
nothing to talk about
no and in Oh Oh and then they have they
also carbon fiber they pull off 300
kilos oh really
308 328 343 things my 5:36 leave there
were 34 5-8 they're all about 3,200
pounds that's change of the transmission
is not like this thing can hold of
course Larkin I will strongly disagree
leave I've done 200 miles an hour in a
twin-turbo 348 with a stock transmission
in it
how much further six I think you did 561
600 at the wheel something like that
holy yes that would just be ludicrous
yeah it was fun fun I mean the gearboxes
are good the motors are good it's just
all the plasticky your rubbery stuff all
around them that's a little questionable
mm-hmm so these of course are a couple
of components that no one ever services
on these cars because you have to pull
the intake manifold I think somebody on
baggage commented no way that's original
yeah Norma clamp put the yellow paint on
it most likely original grille up and
this is the other one
this one looks like it might have been
done because this is the thick hose with
a late model style clamp where it's
never been done you see where the hose
is growing around Kyla you never take
your wedding ring off and if your
fingers keep swelling up this smells
but it's also possible once you pop this
off the nipple might be really heavily
corroded runners do it manually I saw a
video they compared to Harbor Freight
like $15 torque wrench to some 150
dollar one yeah
and it actually beat it I saw they're
doing the Harbor Freight impact wrench
it was kicking the crap out of the
snap-on that's all I was like really
done yet that's my excuse to not get
dirty I'm filming I'm filming he's

literally just like relaxing eating
chips I don't know the little one again
another develop well actually did this
had to already be broken yeah just snap
right off well this comes out oh geez
what's the that's the yeah stuffs all
the way all right well that's another
piece we'll have to buy oh it's supposed
to be two pieces yeah yeah well the
little piece right here snapped off so
it's not sex Hey look easier valve
covers our roof oh when they're not in
the car
more fun stuff good I'm feeling my
duties this bag boy there's a lot more
compared to American stuff I've worked
on I mean this is much more like
Japanese so if I've worked on or you've
got small fasteners and kind of like the
way the the electrical connectors and
stuff are really yeah
screwdriver says not to be used as a pry
bar or chosen it's there it goes Oh
spark plug tubes like this yeah that's
cool shall we show some rags in there so
when I take these off they need to go
back in the exact same place in the same
there's stamped with numbers Oh
we're past TDC then right yes so
apparently that notch needs to have that
match line up so it's just barely past
TDC so yeah I should only go clockwise
always because when you don't write the
tensioner is designed to load the belt
in a particular direction of rotation so
when you go the other you unload the
wrong side of the belt and you lose your
tension on it and it does not take very
much loss of tension for it to skip a
tooth yes go around four times no no no
no keep going I'll be - oh yeah there's
one yep and you tell me wow I'm getting
close you're close so slow slow that's
it that's it no you're on it so somebody
did in time these camshafts after they
did the service because they will
absolutely never be dead on the marks
when they're timed properly what so they
just lined them up and back good enough
yep so this is just a rough guesstimate
for assembly this is an assembly mark
and then you actually use the dial
indicator and a degree wheel and measure
where the index is close enough and then
we'll get it yeah these cams right now
are probably six degrees 46 degrees
retarded from what spec is 4 / 4 minutes
Wow okay Danielle yeah so we're gonna
pick up some more power
these two are lined up against each
other yeah these two those two Oh
somebody did this someone did it yeah
soon did it manually it's gonna wrap it
up for tonight got the valve covers off
the front of the timing belt covers off
but we'll get the timing belts off
tomorrow and then assess what we need to
rebuild and start put it back together
yeah we have to order some parts yep for