348 Timing Belt Service - Part 2

all right progress day - what's what's
uh where we in yeah starting on the
bottom side got the everything up top
still have to undo the throttle cable at
the front of the plenum but it's pain in
the ass to get into I bet I've got to
climb on top of the engine well I got
the fuel filters done and just
miscellaneous cable it's got my ECU's
out from the cabin and oh yeah yes how
are you been here an hour
oh okay damn price about 45 minutes of
work that's what happens when we're not
in the way okay little thing I told you
the camera slows everything down
it was marking its territory has a nice
big uh well that's from this is drippy
yeah no yeah it's no big deal it's just
the PCB right okay yeah okay the blow-by
it's all foamy okay it's part of the
atmospheric event for it as well so you
always collect you know when the car
gets hot enough to burn moisture out of
the oil system this is pretty much where
the steam likes to collect yeah it's
pretty cool still got drain oil foods
and yep dry sump tank drain and oil line
they're here off your radiator okay cool
I already I got him on belly pans
parking brake cable ground cable yeah
just look around and here in the cooler
oh good well I brought dinner because I
haven't eaten yet
I'll just stay here and eat dinner well
about Tim wrenches away he said that
parking brake cable was hand loose so
that might explain why the parking brake
did not work what you doing Tim I'm
taking a Ferrari apart what part is that
this is the under tray okay it's like
louver bits for tranny ventilation I was
about to say it's lupard that's
fascinating it was just a Ferrari Union
they needed to give Luigi a job makeover
it's missing coolant Cheers
it's the only way to film yeah yeah nice
so it takes like two panels here hold
this we're gonna get Dan doing some
physical labor here I wanna do any work
in this car seats they really think this
frame should move
there you go torque spec on these 50
I'll get uh guys is it oh jeez
okay fly wheels on the cars when they do
clutch intelligent has whatever grease
was from the factory in Italy still
what's the last well yeah cuz for a long
time parts and stuff you couldn't get
them and people are afraid of them
there's no you're not supposed to
services so there's nothing in the book
about it so you know you just do we can
you just stay away from it
yeah well because if you open one up and
then you do can't figure out how to put
you just bought a guy five thousand
dollar flywheel now yeah a lot of shops
you don't really make money doing that
if there's no complaint you don't you
don't think it's important information
that probably needs to be disseminated
so he said we need to make sure it's in
second gear before disconnecting the
shift cable otherwise we'll never figure
out what heroes in and never be able to
relocate the where it connects on the
clutch the shift cables maybe that it's
very frustrating it sounds like it at
one time yeah lesson learned
open it up yeah open it up so you can
see the ship rods and align it and then
put it all back together then we got in
the second gear now we can disconnect
the shift cable I got an extended warn
on my Maserati for lesson you want for a
rack Chevy come on
I am a starship cables so I just take I
take off both of the outer ones right
not the center one no
so I actually undo the cables not this
little friend who's won that one
yep my cool somebody else gotta somehow
get these a Popoff yeah you just loosen
that and then the clamp comes apart yep
there we go guy you gotta clip the
little cable zip ties there we go
release the release the boots das boot
which actually means folks it does in
German they've made a movie called Das
yeah exactly there you go nice removing
the center enter tray should come down
did y'all find that both I drunk last
night I don't know maybe I think we did
probably not wait every step from delete
it so we did all right
drain all all right you want to grab a
buddy not aligned right I'll let you
hold it it's gonna be yeah if they come
out with some force yeah always good for
camera you're planning a con what do you
got time towards me a bit yeah don't let
that bolt fall in the bucket i'ma tell
the time get me back wammy whammies whoa
watch ticking
what was that even when I pull the cap
know how are you hey see what fell out
of there
oh it's here we'll crush washer okay all
right well grab it yeah well yeah that's
uh honey how many liters of oil 11 holy
shit that was not 11 since um pin that
much damn nothing wrong
there's not even a layer at the bottom
that's scared
that's real bad that they told me it was
low but low is Frakker statement yeah
that's good
does that smell like fuel it does a
little bit stuff I got guest room keep
what does that mean mm-hmm your head gas
piston rings sometimes it just happens
because the car has to be driven for a
ball that's been idle the lot
you're talking about Willis what Engrish
please Engrish know what he's saying to
dream that one's really good caveman
he's gonna notch it yeah cuz it's not an
actual chisel to gasket scraper so I got
it there you go look at that
alright bucket holy shit that's
brilliant Wow Boyle thank god there's
the hole gonna do shit we got mad Max's
mechanic here yeah yeah there it all is
let's wait yeah it's way less
entertaining though there you go right
there's some nasty oil well it's a
little more encouraging dumping the
coolant why am i stay in the line of
bodies yeah don't tell me oh yeah
god damnit yep they break right thing
of course alright then you just tap it
so what do we do here what's over there
oh and over here do we get a small
bucket bucket bucket we got a leak peed
in your mouth I guess is that bonding is
that bonding awesome beer you only go
blind don't worry oh that's a splash
everywhere hey we got another bucket
kick that bucket over there hey killer
that's quite a stream what she said the
music the proper music for this segment
will be so here's a funny trivia
question do you know what the name of
that song is no marks of the gladiators
yeah slowly bring it down listen over
there when I walked right into the oil
stream like something's touching me oh
it's oil this is entertaining I wish I
had been recording it hey Tim Tim I got
see here's one little room there I
this is great
that's a big sucker all right so we got
pull the oil cooler line I'm still
draining some coolant and a little bit
of oil
all right fine chains are God's greatest
gift to longevity
please these have chains on the inside
what from the crank up to the cam drive
gear which is directional
this way was gonna fall around the frame
why do we have flowerpot just did that
just laugh about dumbasses
am i centered it good yeah it feels good
maybe just a hair it shouldn't be too
much so very drained the hell out that
guy you didn't get an oil facial just a
cool and facial tonight you're not gonna
have an oil facial that cool it tasted
and it was directly right in my mouth it
wasn't there was no face flashback deep
throat yeah they make porn movies like
that you probably drop this down plug
this and make a royal
we're trying yes we have a lot I'm going
to dump it no you picked on the dummy
the whole thing just brilliant oh thank
you there I cleaned it up I hope there
is nothing at your pulley napkin can fix
okay alright that's gonna wrap it up
tonight letting everything drain for the
night and then tomorrow we're gonna
actually drop the motor out of this
yes so only two days of work and
actually only a couple hours each night
so we believe in working on this set
like seven o'clock at night and we're
getting pretty far why are you laughing
at me Todd we've made a mess we made a