Modding a FERRARI 458 with Air Horn, Carbon Wings, & Dead Pedal

good morning YouTube today we're going
to change the sound of my car horn from
this to this so I'm sure you've heard
the Ferrari horn that's very high
pitched the air horn that comes on older
Ferraris so unfortunately the 355 was
the last Friday have that glorious air
horn Bo's idli US federal law changed
and all horns must be in the key of F
and so now they have a regular ol horn
that sounds like every other car on
earth but we're going to change that
today because the people at work can be
are awesome and they hooked me up as you
know they've been sponsoring my channel
and we've got lots of cool stuff coming
your way so we're gonna be doing all
sorts of interesting things this car and
today we're gonna be putting it the
actual Ferrari 355 air horns so if
you've been watching my channel for a
while you know that I've done a lot of
DIY stuff and of course one of the
interesting things about having a
Ferrari and trying to get DIY stuff is
parts are a little bit difficult to
source sometimes but I've been using
Ricambi America pretty consistently
since the beginning and they're my
favorite having them be the sponsor for
this channel is incredible and helpful
and so if you're looking for Ferrari
parts obviously they're getting my like
thumbs up because I was using them
anyway and how they sponsor me so that
just makes it icing on the cake they're
kind of the best they have the highest
quality the best customer service and
they always ship it really fast plus
they usually throw in like some sort of
treat which is always handy I mean you
know who doesn't want like some Oreos or
something in there let me show you what
parts we got say the air horn which
includes the actual air horn got the
compressor and we've got hosing that
goes from the capacitive horns and so
whenever various parts so the actual
horn kit is part number so here's the
downside the horn is located under the
front bumper so we're gonna have to jack
up the car take off the wheels pull off
the fender liners just to get two bolts
to pull off the front bumper so we can
get access to the old horn yank that out
plug in the new horn get it mounted
set up in there somewhere under the
front bumper and then we're good to go
put it all back and call today I have
reinforcements coming because I'm a
little concerned with pull off the
bumper by myself I don't want to mess
that up so Jeff's on his way over all
as soon as it gets here we'll get this
bumper off also finally before I begin a
quick thank you to all of you who are
watching and noticed on the video doing
the ball joints the second video doing
the ball joints after I messed up when I
put on the new boots one of the boots
tour and some grease snuck out so I'm
actually replace all the boots while I'm
in there might as well I don't want like
water and stuff getting the grease and
and messing up the ball joint or can be
sent me new boots on the ball train so
huge thanks there can be they hooked me
up on that they were awesome did I
mention that or can be America is
awesome you guys need to check them out
right here yeah do it go buy parts from
them seriously do it alright chalk the
rears oh look Jeff's here
my backup is arrived yeah yeah I move
the bikes and of course we got beer yep
mhm yeah I have beer Cheers get this
he's 8 a.m. somewhere
okay wheels off we just actually
replaced the boots covering the ball
joints yeah yeah so replace the boots on
the ball joints real quick I didn't show
you that because you've already seen two
videos on that you know how to do that
it's easy all right so now there's a
little thing down here called the
wheelhouse we got to remove this piece
and apparently some bolts like on there
that ways to get to then there's a
there's a couple bolts here in the trunk
these little covers today we see this
cover these come off and then there is a
big old thing down here the underbody
tray remove that once we get all that
off supposedly the number comes up oh my
god like half a pound of dirt look at it
it's just like the rocks
oh my god they're holy crap it's not the
fender liner is off you can see that
those are the two bolts that we got to
remove that are attached to the bumper
so I'm gonna pull those off oh those are
way bigger
oh it's just thirteen
here's the under tray bolts who's uh I'm
not exactly which ones we need to remove
so we're just gonna kind of remove these
four into those two and hopefully that's
all we need
I'm actually missing one so we'll
replace that please ignore the condition
of the underside of my car
Wow no one's rested - all right now it's
yeah is there any other I don't think so
there we go you can see the bolt right
there got the ratchet in there these are
14 millimeter at least this one I can
get to easily whoa I felt the pump
remove all right can I get that in there
not really
okay this one's so Lisa can kind of move
it with my finger anyway good old
Ferrari yeah my bumpers hanging on by a
bolt that's not even feels like the
wrong size nut Oh cute it is it's a run
what Genki was on hit man I swear I got
the last owner of this car did some
alright the bumper might move a little
yes but I'm holding it now well thank
you got it yeah I got
okay yeah we're the wiring for the light
isn't water yeah yeah the turn signal
okay okay well my car's bumper loose so
here's the horn and actually there's the
other horn so we only need to use one of
the two basically we disconnect both we
just kind of tape up the one so it
doesn't get shorted out we use the other
yeah of note this is definitely a
two-person job
thank God Jeff's here thank you Jeff
that would have been impossible or
extraordinarily difficult as just one
person because disconnecting those wires
you had it you basically Jeff had to
hold up the bumper while I ran around
just connect the wires in the hose all
right we got the horn
and then get the horn off cool so no
horn this is for sale right now for $2
so we're looking at the wiring and
basically we need to figure out which
ones positive which ones negative I'm
gonna see if I can't actually like break
this clip off off yeah maybe I can get
these wires out I was hoping we could
pull those out yeah you'll need terminal
yeah dang it all right well Poohsticks
all right we're gonna have to cut it and
then we let the test which ones positive
which ones negative
all right so we're just gonna clip the
wires and then point of no return
oh hey we're done all right let's strip
them a little I don't engage those where
I look like 20 maybe 18 no try yeah
guests right
18 no I months 16 okay okay why I chose
wife you have chosen wise so now we're
just gonna use these little Spade
adapters I'm just gonna crimp those on
and then once I get those on we can test
which one's positive which one's
negative hit my little crimper smash
Hulk smash Hulk smash yay just jam it in
there that's what she said
or he said and I'll hit the horn button
positive 13 yeah the striped wire the
purple with striping is positive well
done and the black one isn't it negative
to imagine that well you know it's did
something right do I think if we lay
them in there where are we going to
zip-tied them somehow yeah I think you
can just tie them to each other and then
mount this one
the lower one we can zip tie it to some
of them supporting brackets I think
they'll get out of the way we're gonna
kind of just janky cuz there's really
not a whole lot of room so we got this
plugged in that clearly works but
mounting it I don't really want to drill
my frame get that zip tied right to this
frame rail oh yeah
if we do that and it don't work I'm down
it's a little janky but you know no
one's ever see it again till it crashes
we've concluded we must hear it before
we install it so
yes a zip tying these guys to each other
to start yeah I wouldn't do the hoses
anyway just so it doesn't crimp them you
don't want anything to get in the way of
the best thing if you're safe oh yeah
there's a little trickier when they're
both together huh yeah but it's also
it's just that there's this white wire
that's in the way oh yeah okay
sweet we need too much hose I guess we
could shorten it yeah we could always
kill some of this in yeah we're just I
mean you want ya can take a couple more
yeah definitely that guys Wow he's
already feeling pretty tight yeah sweet
I love zip ties whoever invented the zip
ties deserves a medal yeah perfect
one more nicely done yeah we're at the
bottom yeah actually the assistants
going to ban the zip ties is the
whatever I'm half my car smells good zip
sighs anyway yeah good enough
cool good enough for government work
no it's good actually we didn't do too
bad well we do it again sir well if it
moves oh no no all right
this one's in here yep this size this
size low over here but like I can hold
it up
it's looking pretty that's pretty good
okay so we have three of the four in
that one is not done I'm gonna have to
buy a new bolt since they put in the
wrong one but that should be easy we'll
just make a Home Depot run give me
excuse the drive this thing once were
all done honking people okay I was
looking up these bolts are 20 or these
nuts or 20 Newton meters the center ones
are 40 I'm just gonna put it down to two
and a half ago Duggars
we're all done everything torqued down
ish it took about three hours but we
also did the ball joints and we were
taking our time with the camera so I
assume you could probably just plow
through it in an hour and a half to two
hours realistically you do need two
people for the bumper that would be
really hard with one person it's a very
heavy bumper for one person to manage
and try and clip stuff you'd have to
like do some sort of balancing act with
your feet or a jack or something and it
would be challenging so I don't think
I'll do that definitely want to get
someone else involved so again a huge
thanks to her can be like that part
number was that is the 355 horn kit
which makes the horn sound it daddy it
is perfect so now the car actually
sounds good this is great
huge thanks for candy so again they're
amazing I can't believe they sponsoring
me this is so awesome so you guys should
buy all your parts firm from bruh can be
if you're gonna be buying Freud parts so
it can be America again their website is
what can't be America calm if you do
call them mention this video I don't
know that you saw this so that they know
that you know hey this is actually
working alright if you guys have ideas
of things you want to see us work on
this car let me know in the comments
below we'll try and see it out so we
still have five more of these videos
coming your way so stay tuned it's gonna
be sweet
someone better