SLWB01 Wheel Bolt

Why upgrade your wheel bolts? Check out the pictures below (thread magnification) for an example of thread wear on a 348 bolt. Fifteen years of taking wheels on and off can have an impact on threads; over-torquing and impact hammers can also take their tool on Ferrari bolts. Our bolts from Hill Engineering are the finest steel bolts available for your Ferrari.  Made from high quality grade Alloy steel, hardened & tempered to original specification to ensure correct tensile strength, highly polished domed head and "Triple" chrome plated to BS1224 for a long lasting finish.

* Engineered to exceed the highest OEM quality standards. Fully traceable high quality grade alloy steel.
* All threads are roll formed.
* Heat treated.
* Triple Chrome Plated to BS 1224
* All threaded areas are Molykote - Dry Film Lubricated.
* Hand polished for a superlative finish.
* Manufactured under strict quality control.

Hill Engineering insists on full material traceability for all of their bolts with records being held for a minimum period of 6 years. The design & development stage of these bolts involved destruction testing at a major UK Automotive Test House to make sure that our bolts conformed to original specification. Copies of the test result are available by request.

We offer a variety of standard and non-standard size wheel bolts and are certain that you will not find a better quality wheel bolt elsewhere.

Please call Ricambi America at (336) 499.2500 (US) or +44 (0) 1784 818 003 (UK) for more information about this product. Our representatives are happy to assist with any questions you may have.