Shipping Calendar

Date Customer Service Shipping Notes
2 January 2017
New Years Day 
Closed No shipping
16 January 2017
(Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.)
Open No outbound US postal
20 February 2017
(President's Day)
Open No shipping
14 Apr 20717 Partial Full shipping;
customer service closure @ 12:00pm EDT
29 May 2017
(Memorial Day)
Closed No shipping
4 July 2017
(Independence Day)
Closed No shipping
4 September 2017
(Labor Day)
Closed No shipping
9 October 2017
(Columbus Day)
Open No outbound US postal
10 November 2017
(Veterans Day)
Open No outbound US postal
22 November 2017 Closed No shipping
23 Novermber 2017
(Thanksgiving Day)
Closed No shipping
24 November 2017 Closed No shipping
25 December 2017 Closed No shipping

Special order items which arrive from outside the United States can also be affected by international holidays in the respective origination countries.
Our standard shipment pickup is at 4:00pm Eastern Time (UTC -5:00).