348 Timing Belt Service - Part 8

And do you hear is put it on the wire
wheel and get all the plating off in the
faces so that way that's the the main
drive pulley for the belts right correct
yeah this is what we talk about when we
talk about welding the fences yeah these
sheet metal strips here are the fences
and with the TIG I'm gonna put just a
couple of stitch welds on here just to
help keep it secure but in the process
of doing that welding is melting and
combining the metals so anything here
needs to be clean yeah yeah otherwise it
contaminates and you know ruins the
quality of the weld so we're going to
start with wire wheel
the belt usually tries to walk off okay
that direction and pull the front one
off so I'm not really worried about the
rear the advice I was given is if
they're still in good shape which
fortunately this one is use three no
short little stitches just to make sure
it stays that way if it already started
to come loose then you you know do for
kind of more aggressive welds to try and
reach strengthen it but this one has no
loss of strength so there's no need to
go overboard with it
consider the cars mush it's not a 10,000
mile car it's got miles on it's got age
on it and it's still secure so you know
that's good yeah this one came out
pretty good yeah since I made you coffee
coffee a couple things yeah yeah sorry
I've met a lot of people oh yeah this
one yours yeah
so we're gonna replace the can position
sensors got new ones that's part number
one three zero nine seven five although
they call a speed sensor actually goes
off of the top the crank crank yeah
we've got cam position sorry crank
position sensor yeah you can see that's
kind of messed up installations falling
whoo so gonna see kind of weird like the
whole thing comes out yeah well a sauna
washer you know new crank position
sensors which is strange that there's
two it's because there's one for each
Bank oh that's right two computers yeah
that's fine it's a little key oh it have
two taps in all the way here and then
double check with the light make sure
you still see the key yep clear up
almost flush hmm and then did you get a
new nighlok yup ring nut yes I do okay
clover Campbell Park number is this is
they be a ring nut 104 nine one nine
sweet we'll be using the hill
engineering r NT - 28 which is also
available from Ricambi America oh
that's that weird yep like that that's
got some weird shit on focus you bastard
oh yeah that is a very odd looks piece
the engineering the hill engineer was
missing lots lots yeah crazy
well what's like is meant to be all
right so that nut gets torqued to 118
Newton meters or 87 foot-pounds like I
get there's Richard doing work I Tim
what you doing I'm scraping gaskets once
again is it fun no why not it's tedious
worth it
right here oh yeah it's nice and coated
yeah Lulu Roshan there we need to clean
that off yeah anything isn't a grip very
well yeah just look at it this way you
get enough corrosion build-up it'll seal
it so
you can smell it we got more Ricambi parts
what is it what is it what is it was
hoping ask a pump yeah this guy and it's
lowering so that's one in three two nine
seven nine alright so this little guy is
101 0 for 4
alright sort of put the new thermostat
and you thermostat and there was that
gasket or overhang what is that it's a
ringer gas it it's a split seal that
goes around it he'll will call that will
go it's seal ooh what is this so this is
the oil ring 105 192 which is for the
thermostat housing so there's an o-ring
that goes on that nice gasket hole nice
and goober it up and I didn't get to see
the Oh what yeah we got to show that
it's too beautiful
alright look at this brand-new so that's
the new impeller look at the design that
it's absolutely beautiful
versus this old paddle wheel style you
can see getting the kit with the new
stuff is a pretty good idea almost don't
want to cover it up it's so beautiful I
know it's like a work of engineering art
right it turns out that there is two
guest gets there and we only pulled off
the one so there should only be one
there should only be one so obviously we
try to put it in it didn't fit right
some wasn't right and now we've got a
new gasket and the gap between the
impeller and the face is fairly
important yeah water flows yeah yeah
that's not gonna not gonna work right
well boo worms are you seeing boo
I was sing bloons all right that is the
alternator bracket going back on guys
whoop gum popped out belt tensioner for
the alternator tensioner holder alright
you know that's it for today right no
actually got order since works yeah
alright that's a wrap up for now so
we'll continue this it's probably a few
days for us I don't know how many days
will be for you guys get in there get in
there so we got you know obviously the
cam still have to go on the belt still
have to go on the tensioner still have
to go on we've got a lot of stuff to go
on still a bit chipping away at it like
I just said to Tim there's a lot of left
there's a lot less crap on the desk
right now face a lot more on that you
yeah the use you use pile is bigger than
the incoming pile so that's a good sign
go visit we can be America calm it's WWE
can't believe in saying all the part
numbers so you guys know what parts to
get if you're doing one of these you're
crazy like us which is good alright guys
we'll see you soon when we do more car
stuff it's gonna be sweet