348 Timing Belt Service - Part 6

we're back at Josh's house his shop and
I don't think guys remember a while ago
this is berrin he actually in had me out
to his suite at Kota it was awesome so
Eddie hey Eddie hey how are you how do
you do
and the reason we have this big-ass
trailer behind me is cuz his four 30s
clutch is acting up so just gonna hook
them up and get it taken care of so we
got to get it out of this thing which is
an amazingly large and awesome car
hauler holy crap that is so badass so
you don't have to put ramps or anything
you just drive around oh my god you get
your clothes from the candy
thank you actually clear the wheel yeah
yeah you got like not even two fingers
right there geez test oh go on its own
now this sounds like there's something
with the belt there's something making a
weird noise yeah did you hear that
it sounded like those the there's a like
the belt making a weird noise or
something no no we're we oh you're
actually checking the lash yeah hmm all
of them are inspected so far but
whatever yes these are eight to ten
thousands on the intake okay
so how do you check it let's take a look
at that so there's shims beneath the cam
here on the lifter and so you come in
shallow angle as possible and just slide
it between the cam lobes and the in the
shim try to get campus vertical as
possible to do it this one has this
oh it actually knocked it yeah and hit
the valve super lucky didn't impregnate
that valve into a piston or a cylinder
wall or a head point away to point
dealers one even is good but I'm yeah on
the intake side but we're gonna replace
the ones that are has point one or we're
gonna place to the shims because we want
to get it back down 2.08 so it starts at
the lower end the exhaust valves will go
point one to point zero one zero point
zero one four yeah yeah yeah words don't
ask me the rest of the mess I messed up
my math last time the shims are only in
mm in increments yep
so with the range being eight to 10
right if it's 10 we can make it eight if
it's nine can't yeah you can't do
anything yes so it's not worth yes does
it need be too small
uh-huh so it's point oh eight the prefer
number it is in my opinion 8,000 to
10,000 I like 8000 generally from what I
see the exhaust side tends to tighten on
adjustment whereas the intake side tends
to loosen on adjustment plus the intake
side if you run a little bit tighter on
the valve adjustment it's almost like
advancing the cam timing and if you run
the exhaust a little bit on the looser
it's like retarding it so you end up
with a little bit of extra overlap
between the intake and exhaust and it's
kind of an old school trick for a spec
series racing when you can't really
modify things but you're trying to find
any power you can get out of it you can
play with the valve adjustment range
like this and you're within factory but
you've you know maximized the ve
whatever you know Gavin geing overlap
whatever you know however you want to
talk about it
to the best of your ability yeah that's
cool stuff probably really doesn't
matter you know yeah it's not any race
than the power potential this motors way
beyond where it's at right now so yeah
this is not really gonna make a world of
difference the thought process I like to
think it matters I like to work like it
matters regardless of how my news sorry
her at 14 and we bring him down to 12 um
we're probably gonna leave those maybe
because he wants the exhaust towards the
towards the high side yeah it's about 15
you'll have to do and I will definitely
have to come down 13 all right so what's
the final verdict pretty good actually
yeah yeah I mean there's a couple of
them we need to address see that's all
goods we got a couple tens on the intake
side yeah that we'll have to address and
then uh 15 15 yeah there's a couple 15s
and the rest of it I think the leaves
yeah two four six six Wow twenty-six
Jim's not bad hey I'm happy I am back in
the director's chair doing absolutely
nothing about Tim slaves over his
computer nerd pure cheese that shows you
where my history of work has been
turning that crank I mean so it's kind
of a pain in the ass but I mean he's
gonna be saving
10 20 grand I mean easy 10 grand for
sure so upper end of a 20 grand even
where did you get this car from and you
bought it specifically knowing that its
way he got a cheap as hell probably
fifteen grand off of what it's worth
that's what I paid for knowing that it
needed distance yeah no I paid fifteen
years if you have an expert doing yeah
they could probably doing two three days
but we're gonna probably take a month to
do it because because we're like
chipping away a couple hours a day yeah
basically getting three four hours a day
go from ten day no problem so we pull
off the the cam was the cam lock or cam
cam bearing Barry yeah there we go and
we're gonna shove business cards in
there one thing to keep in mind when you
do this is you always have to put the
bearings back in the same location and
the same orientation yeah yeah fifteen
fourteen there she just gave it a little
panty would we work so is it show you
which one is Apple twins now it does
though the numbers are upside down on
those ones looks like they're right-side
so what is your business home it locks
the camps it's basically just pinched
the bearings I can't I'm using a not the
free box literally it's the high quality
piece of cardboard
hey I just grabbed something that had
cardboard when I left the house so
normally normally like a Ferrari became
wouldn't have torn pieces of a box was
gonna use a tool right what right has a
especially yeah
but sometimes that's all available or
this is faster
yeah master I think that's the myth of
all this like paying big bucks through
services they're still humans in their
paint most these jobs are flat very
private right so we're gonna be whatever
they can to do it as fast as possible so
if they can shove a piece of cardboard
in there instead of probably building
some big tool or whatever yeah throw in
the cardboard who cares
now we just need to do one camera each
side right no you have to do all four oh
okay so it takes for business card
pieces to play when I was 14 I told
myself that someday I would own an
Italian exotic which in my mind myth
wrong and so I actually bought it
about three years ago and then upgraded
to a Gran Turismo but the dream was
always a Ferrari and so I started seeing
these that were close to being in my
price range and so I stumbled on this
one just searching the internet and but
you weren't intimidated I had nothing to
do with this no do not blame me for your
problems you know it needs a freaking
major service yeah and how did you and
Dan meet his license plate we have cars
and coffee like two years ago I saw his
license plate on the 430 loved it and
I've never talked to this diner so yeah
and then we just started seeing each
other at events and stuff and Dan is
like that he's like a drug that just
sneaks in
before you know what you're and then we
really started with the Maserati we did
that video on the major service also
since then it's just kind of he's been a
bad influence in spending my money I am
an amazingly bad influence and it was
funny when I when I called him like hey
Danny you got a few minutes I need to
talk to you he's like that's funny
Maggie and I were just talking about you
few things you need to do more maserati
videos cuz yeah and I was like well
that's really interesting because I'm
kind of looking at a 348 but it needs a
major what do you take he's like I hear
mega the backgrounds especially the
price I was like dude you have to he
wasn't gonna buy it
I wasn't find some way to buy it because
you could turn around and do the service
and flip the card
well it's doesn't even realize Dan could
have said I don't have any idea how to
do that but once he says yeah sure go
get it it gives you the confidence to go
admittedly on this though the the ace up
our sleeve
is standing right there cuz he and amber
can be and we can man now I'm a public
servant photos makes a lot of money just
candies are really good yeah so they've
absolutely equals nobody for the song
done it but it would have been yeah and
I still would have done it but ninnie
yeah we didn't we didn't even know for
sure because we hadn't talked to her
we hope they'll in hilariously you know
so Daniel Pass from Academy loves 3:48
because he's had him yeah so when we
told him we were gonna do this he was
like yes yes do it it's amazing how you
get though knows everybody yeah because
it's cool so it is cool I mean here's
the thing is unless we absolutely
totally flubs this we're not gonna do
anything hard correct that can't be
that's right totally flub it we could
smash in valves or something just loosen
your uh-hmm
and take your slack off your belts and
park your belts off the cam and then
we'll pull the cams out one by one well
no one no one one card will hope oh yes
well because there's only one and a half
thousands of clearance because I have
this and that so the card you know is
way thicker I put plus you know the the
paper has a lot of grip to it right so
when you mash it in there a special tool
to lock the cams normally you just used
it okay I'm sorry
usually I use one of my old business
cards as a master technician on it so
you're saying this will probably break
because we didn't use the official piece
of paper I hope not
sometimes what I'll do is you loosen it
and then collapse it and then tighten it
oh there we go there we go
now now don't worry about that anymore
for now what I was wondering is why do
two of them have fences on the outside
and two don't
or are these on backwards no inner outer
oh so thank you okay
all right anyway the ones pushes the
other the pelt stays in traffic
they were got the new water company
medicine hear it yeah you can hear it if
not I think we're placing these right
they feel the water pool this was
probably about ready to go yeah so all
three of these yeah yeah you said it
wasn't the bell does the tents now you
actually drove it yeah I did like five
miles on a test drive when I bought it
it was just I'd already bought it but I
wanted to drive it and so I drove it
like five miles and then I wouldn't run
my neighbor they tell there's a problem
no it ran perfectly yeah ah well I'm
probably gonna disagree there's a good
chance to probably did not run perfectly
it probably ran good enough that you
didn't notice it didn't run perfectly
well I doubt it ran perfectly so that
these are specifically for holding Kim
gears their nylon teeth so that way you
can't damage anything holy shit
so freakin spin no oh no you don't take
those oh these guys are on it like 75
foot pills this one something flopped so
what you're going to want those do right
to take two cams out is you're gonna
slowly yes you call your caps off mm-hm
and so now with your pliers you can hold
the camp you know when you get to that
point where you start loosening the one
with the paper part I usually leave the
card tail
you know so that way I know which
capitis there you go you got two things
that are gonna happen right sort of
lifting but it's not going to lift
evenly because you have some valves that
are open and some that are closed I feel
like if you look at this intake here on
cylinder three yeah your lobes are all
the way down so if you were to start
taking these off you're gonna watch the
cam start kind of kind of bending and
the valves are gonna start pushing the
cam up you know all wonky and at one
point especially up here you're gonna
run into trouble because you're gonna
have this flange jammed into your cam
cap you're gonna have to you know you
gonna Mar it up trying to pull it off so
I usually like to pull the front one off
first because it can be the most
problematic pull that one off
and then pull the one with the card off
and then I would start working these two
off slowly okay yep and till you feel
kind of the the tension on the valve
springs relief and then take the last
one off but you know when you get to
that point where you're pulling the one
with the card off you can hold it like
this so the other cams are all gonna
stay safely at TDC
and you hold the one you're removing so
that way that one doesn't kick on you
and do something you don't want it to do
okay so do you do one at a time and pull
it replace it and put it back in
no no he's pulled oh yeah pull them all
out one by one
because then we're gonna swap out the
shims that we want to swap out you're
gonna clean everything we're gonna redo
the o-rings and the cam seals and then
we're gonna put them all back together
one by one when we get to that point cuz
right now you don't have KMP all those
little wrinkles and all I do okay you
already have that okay cool we can no we
want them all out because when we go to
bunk the crank pulley off and take this
pulley off it's really really difficult
to keep the crank from rotating any
amount so it's good to have all the cams
out so it does rotate you're not gonna
hit any valves you know they're all
closed and done matter we can spin this
motor as long as we feel like it and it
won't affect us won't affect anything
you know expensive so that's why we'll
pull them all four out in the center
bench right exciting yeah get into the
expensive stuff now I'd say now is where
if you screw up and stakes going bad
josh is like this is where the
entertaining part starts oh you would -
no kidding I tried - you wouldn't be the
first one I saw flip the ply around
let's just see how the teeth are offset
so that way your plier can clear the
other gear those are really good that's
a good tool this I was really excited
when I stumbled across those that worked
on these for many years before I
stumbled across those suppliers what'd
you use before that I honestly don't
remember now now I've had them for
several years I don't really remember
how I tried to do it before so that no
that's the one - am there so you said
that um these caps are numbered so I
don't have to mess with earth yeah you
put it like on you don't even need to
ask if you look should be theirs yeah
there you go see that number nine yeah
number nine if you see not only as a
stamp but they're stamped in the same
direction because it tells you the
direction again yeah the guy assembled
it you know the cylinder head and honed
them all and then punched the numbers
all together so like this one here you
can see the sevens are aligned this is
not a matter of hustling and hurry up
and getting it done this is a matter of
being very mindful of what you're doing
and not making a silly mistake that you
know you deeply regret you know like
scratching the dentin can bend in a can
bend in a valve so you take the ones
that don't have valves currently being
pushed off first and then work on the
one that's got the pressure on it yeah
and then the two caps on either side of
that one walk them out like left right
left right left right okay these ones
are up those ones are off this one's
down that one's almost down so what this
is the one that we're concerned about so
now we walk it off a little bit
oh yeah that's glued in this just pulls
straight up right because it's kind of
glued I don't wanna do anything stupid
yeah it's literally stand it straight up
on the cam gear yeah and then if I were
you I would stack them in line you know
as they come out yeah you know I mean so
when you pull this exhaust cam out put
it on that side yeah that way you've got
some kind of sequence to reference so
grab that cam steel cap so a lot of
times on these early cars you know shops
people they talk about oil leaks and cam
cover leaks and cam seals leaking got
the groove the radial seal the cam seal
is really pretty good quality it's not
very common that this leaks usually you
either get the corners of the paper
gasket that leak because you got a hand
trim them and it's not real easy to do
and it's not precise but the most common
one is oh yeah he's a little split the
o-ring there so do ring obviously gets
caught under tension between the
cylinder head and the cam cover cap
right there so yeah when it squishes it
squishes out and as you torque it down
you can pinch it so one of the things
we're gonna do how to top this many
years ago we're gonna take a little mini
mini baby files and see how sharp
machine these edges are and take little
files and we're just going to radius
these edges though ever so gently both
here and on the
on the cam cover okay and that's the
other reason why I like the silicon the
the o-rings part of it is to help them
to keep from leaking the other part is
is the silicon will work as a lubricant
you know because it's wet so when we
assemble it it should help awesome you
know reduce the probability of that
getting caught so we'll do a couple of
things like that to help put it back
together that groove in the bearing
right there mm-hmm
lines up with the oil grooves that we
were talking so that's the one so holes
already there right yeah that's so we
don't need to drain it drill it I think
he'd roll over sighs Donnie with that we
can we can measure it and see how large
it is and see how it compares to the to
the tool I mean as you can see your
motor didn't have a can belt service for
ten years and it's not exactly
hemorrhaging oil everywhere and those
o-rings were cut on assembly so that's
why I was saying yeah on these later
motors from my experience it's not super
necessary we just do some things like
really missing these edges and and
silicone in it and if someone get nice
but it should be fine what is yeah that
plastic cover yep cool thank you all
right on to the other intake over a pawn
off the tensioner yeah figures right
smack that back in place
there goes will be like Tim solved your
problem all right whatever you ever yes
Oh shot me all right we're pulling the
oh shit then your face again I am so we
need to get suspicious every time Josh
stands around he just hovers I know
something bad happened he told me that's
the whole reason he's letting me do it
oh that's getting pretty full oh well
let's just go in further there you go
now you could set it down now your
sticky minutes in the GM dealership my
first professional wrench job and he
gotta drop the pan on an automatic
transmission when Jill no drain plug and
the old geyser like five quarts of ATF
all over the front of me I did that
three times before I figured out you
dumped it the other way
that's a movie at least that's because
you still get a screw in there
look at that once you remove all the
bolts it actually does amazing in the
video that's why I always start with the
rubber ring mm-hmm there we go
oh yeah it's still got the old shitty
plastic one yeah the updated Rick ambi
one actually has a metal impeller with
long curving with curved vanes for
efficiency so because these are your
water they say that these cavitate above
5,000 rpm I can see yeah don't forget
that bolt down there it's a Hamlin
that's important yeah I've got several I
put all the bolts back in there you can
boil in it yeah it's just dirt isn't it
just probably had a couple different
kinds of coolants in it and it's
probably a little bit of buildup you
know a mineral buildup from inside the
motor yeah I get that last pulley off
coated in crap yeah signs of a
successful night as I wrap it up for
tonight whole cams out got the front end
off what's next okay we go home all
right well in that case we have much
more teardown oh yeah guys little puffs
all that yeah okay not much all right
that pulley that pulley is all right oh
got dark quick all right guys we're out
of here we'll see you tomorrow