348 Timing Belt Service - Part 3

all right day type-3 yes day 3 and we're
hopefully gonna get the engine out
tonight which would be awesome
only a few more things to do we got to
get the oil line right there that he's
got we got the brakes and the clutch
line well for all the people on top and
one electrical connector oh yeah that's
a one Prato cable one what electrical
connector and we're getting there and
we're getting there there's still oil in
so while Tim is working and I'm doing
nothing thought I'd tell you a little
story so I'm driving over to the Shell
station to feel fill up on gas on the
way over here and this dude walks up to
me actually drove up in his SUV and he's
got like his family with him and and
he's like hey boss hey boss and come
here and blah blah and I'm like okay and
I come over there and he's like I'm from
Dubai and I can't understand him very
well cuz accident was really hard but
then he like takes off a gold ring and
tries to hand it to me and he said
something and I didn't understand him
but I don't know if he was trying to
give me the ring or say he wanted to
trade the ring for the car or I don't
know what but I was like nah man I'm not
interested and so I walked away and he
looked so dejected and offended this is
part of the problem of having a Ferrari
sometimes you get positive attention
sometimes you get negative attention and
I'm like I don't know what's going on I
just want to fill up with gas and go on
with my life now I gotta put on the dog
and pony show for this dude ten minutes
later I meant the at a restaurant I pick
up my food and these kids literally sit
on my car Ferrari ownership yeah yeah
and so Josh drilled it and when it let
go it squirted antifreeze right in my
mouth was so bad yeah I missed the part
where shot the money shot right the
money I missed the money shot but we
probably swallowed we got sprayed
everywhere by the way tonight's backup
support is Jeremy Jeremy is a hero
because he has actually done his own
3:55 engine out all by himself
at his house yeah
hey it just matters that he got done and
it didn't blow up and it run yeah yeah I
mean if you're like yeah I did my own
engine now and be like but I smashed a
couple valves you'd be like oh maybe we
shouldn't yeah you're like oh and the
piston rings are gone now yeah all right
so what are we taking off now the clutch
case is another clutch cable or the
clutch hydro hydro yeah forged I guess I
wasn't putting full pressure on
just don't want to bring no how can I
want to strip it some if it starts to
slip yeah and I can now break I'm gonna
come back off of it
fighting torque specs for these things
is impossible hmm yeah I know there's
some all right so there's the removed
clutch hydraulic line
Oh a little plug and then we're gonna
we're gonna just have to play it by your
with those stereo wires coming out yeah
yeah this is to be a problem right here
it's already yeah that's the problem
there we go how do you do that they got
maybe well line it up line it up yeah oh
I look like tabs down there you guys
push it a little screwdriver and pride
whistle yeah why is it every single
connector has to be different and it's
always a jigsaw puzzle I don't know
might be a Josh deferral hey Josh how
the hell we do this for an hour we're
kind of car right there just forward of
the bracket just right here this is the
bracket this is the eclip right there
how do you grab it then just get a pair
of needlenose on it okay yeah and then
you can pop that and just pull it and
pop that off in the bracket but you
still have to disconnect the cable
already did at the back
oh it's are you just gonna yeah yeah
just never looking I just gotta find
can i jam it in there between that
bracket the other side of the bracket
yeah them like that yeah those are a
little thick yeah kinda like me huh I'm
sweating hot tonight
hey welcome to Texas yeah it is hot no
dude it is humid tonight
oh I got it and it's stuck on my dick no
way look at that oh man
hey man let's go sit right there there
you go bingo
brilliant brilliant that's gonna be a
bitch to get back on ya trudge the
Toronto kala bathroom battle cables out
of the way yeah yeah buddy
these nylock nuts you just actually
don't grab real tight they just uh right
right we're gonna start loosening the
carrier bolts whoo getting close good
luck yeah you can do four inches yeah I
gotta get some big break breaker bar
sometimes some of them there are some
fun some oh my god socket but these are
ee judges up like that and then that's
roll now yep a double ranch the good old
double ranch it's a little Mad Max it's
been cut apart and reconfigured at least
three times it looks to me like the last
time I stopped because I used to have
flat pads on here for the subframe and
now it's just up to so I obviously gave
up so that way I can deploy almost any
of the sub frames on here because
they're all different dimensions of
course yeah
whether it's a 288 Testarossa 348 mande
all three five five days they're all a
little bit different so I got tired of
cutting it apart and reconfiguring it
the weather car is working on so I
started doing these slip tubes
yeah don't fall nice else fails get a
bigger wrench come on muscles I'm just
wondering we're gonna bust here I know
that bust your arms on it oh wow that
was not over all right
so all the cables done got that cable
over there I think I got all the hoses
off okay get these two off where do they
come up up here on me and cheek okay
it's got a little yeah clamps yeah that
worked twist and pull do you even have
to get the sawzall out you sound
I am god we should never give you access
to a plasma cutter oh that's my second
favorite somebody right in there to feed
the cables I mean you can if you want to
usually it's yeah I'm used to doing it
by myself
damn Jeremy's tall
you're growing boy today so when you're
not recording I line everything up right
now it'd be nice if I had some plate
metal I could have slipped under the
front to make sure yeah they moved seen
the card to afford nosedive not cool
I feel pretty good about that all right
so there's a there's six frame bolts
right in the front side on each side
yeah yeah so six up there and then
there's two back here was a 400 KB 2
lateral into vertical here okay yeah
yeah 1 2 3 4 and then there will be
something up there with okay so
theoretically once all those are out
this thing's ready to separate until
we've lifted and we hear a Yank snap
snap yeah or pulling up a wire we three
down quite a few to go beatin on a Lambo
getting the rear ones getting closer
that's the last one
oh no and didn't move no good
ran out of room oh yeah yeah yeah I'm
not tall enough to reach it here okay
pull it up
yeah just pray that I get the dress
stack she's free theoretically now the
big moment
we'll see hold on to your butts hold on
to your butts throttle cable a couple of
coolant hoses up here you got the clamps
up with us all those cool hoses yeah so
don't say anything unless it's stopped
yes there is one little coolant hose
that we forgot we're just cutting it
because not what's a sawzall
unfortunately not with the sawzall
probably been hard to get savile in
there no it would have been hard to cut
it without taking out the fuel tank yeah
cars bleeding bleeding green okay here
we go
Oh on the left side
all right round two yep see ya every
once in a while I like to do that now
it's not hung up holy shit I got my
piston so now as we get you know further
off now we know the body feels nice and
loose here's what happens right is you
you forget something or in this case you
don't know about something and as you go
up it gets tight and you move yeah well
you get a boatload of tension on it and
then all of a sudden you see the engine
start picking up you know and then you
realize you're something so I like to
bump a couple inches give it a little
wiggle make sure there's nothing but
fuel reset maybe or something yeah and
then like I'm sure there's gonna be
issues with stereo wiring and shit in
there I'm feeling there is issues with
stereo wiring before we took this car
oh yeah look like we might just sawzall
all the wires for the stereo out and
redo them I'm good with that
at least we'll know I'm back here man
that's all you need at least we'll know
what we're working with in yeah mm-hmm I
mean it can't be hard a power of ground
wires through the speakers and wires to
the back of the stereo that's pretty
simple yeah
all right go get on the wires are they
all the way through the firewall or no
no no I just got the grommets out and
I've got everything disconnected so
they're all right everything's coming up
good okay let's do a walk around the
bottom side Tim and make sure everything
looks good and loose all around the
bottom we've got only checking her of
wheel arches two connectors easily get
missed down there yeah you got those
white connectors on each side right yeah
definitely that one Oh both of them are
on okay got two fuel lines it up about
19 or so can you reach him okay yeah I
can get this up yeah that's good add
some fuel to this party oh yeah there
you go
either winter roof
but they'll come out more as he lifts it
up so just you just want to make sure
there's some slack on it on the backside
and as he lifts it up you can you can
feed it through the other thing is
usually it's easier to feed the small
light box connectors first one at a time
and then the main ECU connector last
because they won't all fit but yeah if
you don't get the white connectors
through first that main one won't or I
gives you like a millimeter um can you
give me a couple towels pretty something
actually got the bottom one hello so is
this video connected yeah
it's through dude you guys can climb
them down and stand on either side down
here and just watch oh what's this right
here all right you guys tell me yeah
good okay whoops it's good it up
ah yeah
to get burgers
alright alright dude well we're a
quarter of the way there look at that
and we'll take the rollers skates off
from there put it on your car that's
that way when I'm done with the
Lamborghini okay three days man too bad
three days three hours a day twice in
say it that's just a right don't count
in days because yeah we're hours course
you guys cheated you know and sometimes
you're a three or four of you on the car
at the same time so and we kind of had a
little bit of expertise that's not
really how much cheating I mean I tried
to stay out of it as you know you know
occasionally there was probably our time
savers that you gave us yeah yeah how
long would we have farting around with
that how you feeling I'm tired but we're
getting there quarter of the way there
yeah that's the first yeah that's the
first major step step one thus concludes
round one of the massive project alright
guys so now we got the engine out the
next thing we got to do is tear the
engine apart yeah I think this would be
the next video so you want to stay tuned
for that so if you guys didn't know
Ricambi America is hooking us up so
they're actually providing the major
service kit for this 348 engine out so a
huge thanks to Ricambi America go visit
their website Ricambi America calm
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percent off your entire order so they're
hooking you guys up there
348 in probably eight years now I got
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of car stuff it's gonna be sweet