348 Timing Belt Service - Part 1

good morning YouTube probably like where
the heck am I well I am actually at my
friend Josh's shop and the reason we're
here is we've got Tim's
348 and it needs a major that means we
need to pull the motor out of this 348
because we're gonna replace the timing
belts and a bunch of other stuff and
what's crazy awesome is Ricambi
America is sponsoring this video so they
actually are providing us with the parts
for this 348 major which is amazing
because that is a lot of parts this is
going to be a multiple video series so
hopefully you guys want to stay tuned
and watch all the stuff so I'm gonna try
and document as best as I can this is
gonna be a big one so you guys are want
to watch this so let's get going and
tear apart this 348
that's Josh
we got like everyone yeah so we gotta
get the car there we're you get a cold
start on a open header Camaro hopefully
oh that was a disappointment plant yeah
plan B right oh damn it
yah mules yeah no in fact you actually
paid because you brought the beer
god it's so small compare that Camaro
they tell you the store stopped working
by the way on the way home it's like
some a bitch just leave it as is and
then we'll want to pull the target top
out just a bit completes you is back
here so yeah plus we probably want a
whole dog keep the further rigidity of
the chest that it's going to be come
down so that is actually a 348 engine
that the core apart so Nora to get this
on the lift we need a jacket HUP there's
my assumption you just Jack it around
the pumpkin no no where oh there's a
crossmember yeah okay I'm actually
rowing a boat row row row your boat just
likes me I'm gonna row your friend
camera just assemble as much stuff as we
can on the top and then we put it up in
the air and then we start doing stuff
underneath we're gonna pull the bonnet
off get over your wheels off and then
we're gonna work on pulling the inner
fender liners getting the rear bumper
off getting the heat shields in the
airbox off getting the muffler off okay
so top down yeah yeah we got a few
things to do before we go under and
start dropping fluid all right
Oh do we need to mark that or go the
edge let me see the hole in the bracket
yep there's a matching hole in the frame
oh okay theoretically if you put a pin
in there punch in there it's an
alignment hole and that's how the
factory aligned the bonnet to the car so
I usually use that for initial
installation and then we'll adjust it
after that okay yeah someone else
I've seen decent and usable and sold the
rest of it I would thread those right
back into the light for in tool it is
the bracket I say yeah I got painting
wood so I put them in the lid I think
doesn't that sound like it's got a lot
of power
all right
one down yeah things like jump off okay
Wow no yeah air intakes and uh check out
the battery got the wheels off all right
taking up the intake okay now it's easy
like that like seriously he's got a lot
of wires on the harness still you gotta
go I got another hose over here
oh one more yeah it's already loose I
just have to pull it nice removing that
one came off too easy through the heat
shield in front of muffler oh yeah
that's like not even a muffler to so
sweet Oh Tim Zafar Easton oh there was
no paperwork on this anyway
and given that collection of random
bolts that were hold on stuff that were
clearly not the same I don't think this
is done professionally oh that part is
it probably really wise actually yeah
yeah we want that rear bumper before we
pulled off no we want to prove that's
just really easy and clearance I want
you don't Mar the bumper when you talk
those two are welded together so that is
gonna be a little tricky yes I told you
Amy when you guys are gonna do this
dude like reached out he thought he was
like are you going over to Josh's shop
I'm like for walk away I knew you had it
but I work at Todd we're good yeah
they're gonna help me if you whispering
right here oh there it goes I'm always
filming taking credit for it I did that
I did that I turn to red loose already
that was my worry yeah good job Todd
thank you
all right I almost got the exhaust out
finally released the the sort of muffler
should be I guess custom fan from hell
because almost looks like a cherry bomb
long weld in there yeah cherry pop dude
you're dating yourself saying cherry and
I got these cheeseburgers man I don't
want any cheeseburgers drop yeah just
don't grab yet so take that and watch
the paint
there you go wait as is tradition your
weight put on your head yeah
crazy all right working on the bumper
all right I get the fender liners out
are they laughs right
it's whoever worked on it oh yeah by the
way that's how you get to your battery
guarantee yeah yeah look at that right
oh yeah good one good one top oh sorry
oh so much for activities you know the
thing it gets me and I don't understand
like all right in the in the 360 they
drilled into the top of that I'm gonna
make it allow you or get out that fender
liner yeah that's stupid
yeah yeah you know fry in their infinite
wisdom is the hero tonight tell my wife
that ciao ciao ciao ciao
Todd's a hero yes okay 8,000 piece I
think Pavilion in the backyard solid
that's nice grommet came out all right
keep a light weight light light light
yeah oh there's a big old plate put it
back in place that's cool
I pulled the I was like PCV stuff
there goes sweet moment over here yeah
we're trying to avoid draw blood yeah
yeah don't talk to logical like that
sorry yeah don't do that try to take it
apart it's gonna be bad I'm gonna bring
it share as you said especially a guy
who knows what you're supposed to do and
just sit there and just not say anything
we just in your mind be like nope we're
doing that for him
oh god you crop-dusted me alright we're
wrapping it up god that smells
it's about enough for day one so we'll
continue this tomorrow