good afternoon YouTube today we're gonna
go visit my buddy Ben's house he just
bought a Ferrari f430 got really cool
spec on it the reason we're going over
there is he bought some spacers so the
430 actually quite a few of the Ferraris
from the factory have a lot of wheel gap
you know you're talking you for the hand
in there and so if you put a spacer on
it it kind of makes the wheel it makes
the tire and wheel fill out the fenders
a little better it makes it look a
little bit better super cheap and easy
you can buy the parts over can be I'll
get you the part numbers in a minute
let's go over to Ben's house throw these
spacers on and see how much of a
difference it makes
that is vens 430 which is gorgeous
actually this is crazy it was a local
buy which is super super rare he
actually got it here in Austin it was
owned by a guy in Austin that all the
Austin car people can't know who he is
so we know it's like immaculately taken
care of it's already got a Nova Tech
Nova tech exhaust yeah it's got the
carbon seeds yeah this one's a badass
this is Ven he's all shy he didn't want
to be a car he's like I don't want
everyone care too bad you're on camera
hallo he's wearing my shirt you should
buy that shirt normal guy super car calm
sea as you can see the wheels so I mean
it's not terrible fender gap but you
know it could look better right so the
wheels kind of sunk in I don't know
that's maybe an inch or so maybe maybe
less than inch yeah in she'd probably
rub fender so this car spun to lower
just a little bit yeah
and the oh it has been lowered a little
more oh really so I got raised yeah you
can see it's still a little bit low and
you can see how much it is back here
there's definitely room so he could put
the spacer on and go it's like probably
a one or two step size tire bigger what
is this one 285 yes I've got three or
fives on mine owner had aftermarket
twenties big 45s on the back no kidding
45 45 he said it fits in there and he
had it lowered way lower than this I
didn't know you can fit 3:45 dude he
said he has respect for the Adventist
are you 35 would be pretty big I don't
know about 245 so we got these spacers
and he bought from Ricambi America go visit
Ricambi America can and they always
send like cookies or some sort of treat
alright here we go
part number is WS 0 1 5 - 3 60/40 15
millimeter spacer oh it's actually got
me both yep longer bolts - yep for sure
awesome well alright I guess we can jack
it up probably one wheel at a time
yeah we got breaker bar impact I like it
stuff got the jack look at you yeah you
might you know manly hands yeah you
never work on cars I'm still I still
have like cuts and scrapes from doing
Steve headers just the first thing
you've done to this car um other than
wash it yeah I think so pretty much put
a car seat in it was that difficult
after having put them in and out and
taking them in and out so many times to
so many different cars yeah you're an
expert proves that you can't have this
and have kids even though one yeah just
one way yeah this one is binary you're a
video on how to jack it up I think it
was your video at least for putting the
fuck in the back or yeah yeah yeah it's
just we need to pull off the damn tree
so you know what happens yeah it up
hockey pucks good you know what people
do is they'll actually cut the bottom
tray because it encompasses like the
whole jack point okay the tray does
right they'll just cut that section
right now you're lucky yours hasn't been
lowered so much that yeah that's why I
pull the ramps out just in case
yep thank you
hey you know what I mean I guess it's
good that people give me crap when I do
things that aren't safe cuz it does make
me do things better
yeah you guys keep me straight usually
someone give me grief anytime I screw up
and actually that's probably a solid
muff point it'll lift up the front -
yeah yeah house for as3 yeah all season
this was a daily driver those are really
long wheel alignment tools it seemed to
do the job so I might put two in there
just yeah just didn't have to worry
about it
nice you got the carbon brake
I'm jealous things are nice another
one's all like oh my god if you track it
in place the road it's like dude you
know along those rotors laughs yeah
that's way later
oh no impact you soft-sided socket to
avoid damage no you're screwing yourself
in and I have to be all gentle so it
makes it so much easier to line it on
line up the spacer to the yeah yeah cuz
you've got other ways it moves around
and then it's yeah it looks good that's
great yeah I can already tell us won't
look better
oh yeah they really like try to protect
those things that make sense
oh yeah Cheers this oh it's the harvest
patch Shandy from Linden kugels is it