How to change the coolant, thermostat, & accessory belt on a Ferrari F430

good morning YouTube today we're gonna,
change the thermostat in my Ferrari f430
it's been sticking open an occasion it
causes the computer to throw a code I
can't remember the number I'll show you
on the screen I took a screenshot of it
basically it's saying the car didn't
warm up fast enough it only it only
happens when it's cold but anyway the
thermostats sticking open so time to get
a new one in there as long as we're
doing that we're gonna change out all
the coolant which is seventeen and a
half liters of coolant yeah as you know
the 430 does not have timing belts it's
got a timing chain so we don't have to
worry about those but every few years
you need to change the accessory belt it
runs the power steering the a/c
compressor and alternator mine's overdue
time to get swapped out to be pretty
simple so we're gonna do that
so this video is sponsored Ricambi
America so Ricambi America is
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again Jeff is helping me because Jeff is
a hero basically we're going to jack up
the entire car and then tilt it forward
say you'll drain out all the coolant the
radiators are actually right there and
right there
and I thought this big things that
contain the coolant so this one can fit
under the car until it's jacked in the
air so we have to do that and then to
actually get access to the rear of the
car we have to remove the under tray
panel which is always a chore so we'll
get it up on Jack's and then pull off
the rear tray yeah alright check this up
and then throw the wheel ramps under it
work it baby work it you know I think
you come faster than one right
I think there's a remember right 22
bolts on the bottom of the car so undo
all those and pull off the entire panel
to get access to the thermostat so we're
gonna do that before we drain out the
coolant because then we can access the
frame and put jack stands on the frame
and be a little bit safer this feels
like it's definitely the last one though
because it doesn't want to like yeah I
can't do it by hand all right got the
bottom tray out so now we got Jack the
car up a little bit higher we'll put on
the jack stands so it's nice and safe
got to worry about falling and crushing
our heads which is good
then once we got it jacked up in the
rear we could just use the jacks to jack
up the front all right well over here
the car is jacked up on jack stands nice
and secure and we decided we're gonna do
is we're gonna jack up the front and
we're just gonna put the wheel ramps
under the front wheels that should be
plenty of room to give us access to the
to the radiators and be able to drain it
it's pretty cool
and then we come over here for excuses
or lies yeah yeah it's under here we got
it looks like a bunch of 10 mils with
the pot that whole piece because we only
have this connector we didn't actually
drop it laughs that's what it was okay
yeah maybe I think I could drop the
whole piece because the radiators are
right here yeah
all right well it is what it is you
could not be possible to work on these
okay well not without a live yeah does
this one guy right here is kind of yeah
threaded up in there yeah he is
yep dude the coolant oh it's a different
size is it damn it it's way smaller
Frank Ferrari oh hey there's another one
up here okay so that's okay yeah I had a
hand under it it's got to be one more
yeah this shit we should do these first
and then do the center ones hey when
we're putting back up though we should
do the cinnamon spread yeah I'm just
saying when they come out yeah I always
I feel like this point little Dyson just
eats his life every time Daniel into
that because it's not a shot back and
yet it's being made to vacuum up the
road Drabek let's pull the drain plug
should be just a hindu thing and the
petcocks like plastic yeah Hancock yeah
do you want to go after it with a pair
of pliers no I just I just you could
feel it moving
oh okay so what's my just feeling all I
got trusted is okay yeah so I just was
like yeah okay I didn't I just know him
flimsy I didn't know if he couldn't get
it to break free was the problem I
haven't really reaped done yet
oh yeah not move okay yeah hey that's
interesting there actually got the green
to sit in here mm-hmm
I was told to put in the blue so move I
bought blue figures it's way more
expensive cool I'll take a while so how
was your day alright this is five guns
and supposedly it's four and a half
gallons yeah so this should be nearly
full not to be that way about it but are
we sure that mixing blue and green isn't
a problem yeah okay okay because I know
I've heard people talk about mixing two
different kinds of Adel's red the red
stuff causes a problem yeah I have a
suspicion listen I have to drain for a
long time okay all right so the
thermostat right here is part number two
three zero eight eight seven you can buy
that at Ricambi
that's right they're sponsoring this
video so all these parts are available
At Ricambi America calm and if used
the code NGS 10 you're gonna get 10% off
and then the other thing you need is the
little o-ring this is part number 137
eight three seven so while we're waiting
for the coolant to drain and we got
access to the whole car like this I'm
gonna change out the accessory belt
that's the belt that goes from the
crankshaft to the power steering pump
the alternator
and oh the air-conditioner so the belt
that we're gonna need right here is part
number two three five three one five
supposedly we just pull it off with a 15
mil release the tension on it pop off
the old ones slip on the new one
that's it that seems way too easy so
here's the AC compressor here is the
and up there is power steering then
there's a tensioner belt another
tensioner belt and the way the hell up
there I think is Delta near and
supposedly we put this on the lower
tensioner cause it's 15 mil we'd see if
the instruction is why they didn't and
it's set to go anti-clockwise oh yeah
love serpentines oh ho that's so much
easier that's so sweet
boom just like that the belt is off so
you don't actually unscrew the tensioner
and you just push on it and it levers
itself out of the way
yeah that's serpentines so let's try and
start threading the new belt goes way up
there rec said start on the highest one
cuz you kind of got like loop it guy
that fell right in my face are you
Newton for I think that's it Oh jackpot
oh that's kick-ass dude yeah that is too
easy alright so it looks like it's done
draining it's been probably 20 minutes
and there's nothing coming out so you
still gotta get the other radiator so
I'm gonna plug this one up and then
we'll move the tray over to the other
side it's weird that's just plastic yeah
okay I guess is that so it melts if it
gets too hot I don't know but
replacement ones even
almost acting like they were disposable
Oh could be maybe you're supposed to
replace them after you use them good
nice and tight not sure if I know where
it oh wait there's oh yeah yeah right
there I see it yeah yeah right between
the little knots yeah I got it and so
all it is is just just losing flat
little twist yeah yeah it's a little tab
well it's just scary because I feel what
you mean I'm just like yeah it's wobbly
I'm like I feel like I'm gonna snap this
thing off yeah well have the players on
it it came off easy then let's see yeah
what's this broken loose it starts
moving pretty easy yeah I'm just I'm
trying to like put the pliers on it but
I want to make sure I'm on it
oh yeah there we go be ready for the
splooge yeah and he comes all the way
out yeah although as I say I bet there's
gonna be a louche all right it's
basically done so we're gonna pop the
petcock valve although it's not really a
pet cock it's just turn like a just
applause this is the plugging plug yeah
yeah I guess any pet cocks aren't used
anymore because people got tired of
seeing petcock as a boy I had a pet
Dakin it was an affectionate little guy
okay yeah he's in cool and I guess he's
in as tight as are you gonna be yep all
right onwards to back again the
thermostat is right here and we need to
disconnect this hose and then undo the
thermostat which looks like it's just a
regular ol hose clamp and then some
Allen what's that meeting six miles
yeah pretty big maybe a little bit
honest maybe four
got my new thermostat I knew Oh ring but
that kind of seats there's like a little
lip you can see or it's seats I suppose
I should put it on the host first I was
wondering do you want to put like doing
the exact time that came apart and the
clamp is definitely on the hose already
yeah cool that was way too kid no good
okay and it turns no problem oh sweet
okay man yes okay good
how's a chill comparatively so it's like
10 Newton meters so it's really not very
tight suppose we could get the torque
wrench we really wanted to here we have
to put on the adapter in stuff a little
bit yeah they say I'm not hearing it
click and then I'm not I don't trust it
okay well just go that tight say I gave
it pretty good tight I don't want to
break off a bolt is I believe it's
aluminum yeah that's good
we don't need to share anything now
let's go get the host plant so we're you
even able to get the top guy yep what's
a with the Allen yeah the regular Alex
cool cool cool it so funny
I'm so funny alright so we're gonna add
back in I'll two gals come first before
we start putting on the bottom train

stuff so it should be close to about
four gallons of what sir yeah what sir
yeah quite four gallons that's like five
gallon drain pan that looks like about
two gallons maybe a little over half so
maybe two and a half three gallons total
all right well let's start dumping it in
by the way this is 50/50 pre diluted so
we just dump it in we don't have to
worry about actually adding distilled
water or anything
so you're not quite to be to hell with
it part with this car yet I still love
this thing
alright then we got to take it off these
will ramp so we put the wheel rims back
there so we go get the jack stands out
looking at the bottom tray on so we have
to slide it under the diffuser oh that's
what I was intending actually clip it
into the front under the fuser there we
go alright
Epis 30 all right so car is on the
ground yeah we got it's more coolant but
what's it happens I'm probably
accidentally overfill it and it's gonna
piss out coolant next time I Drive it
which is fine whatever you took out
about two and a half gallons we've added
about two and a half but it looks a
little low so we'll add a little more
then we'll start it up we'll turn on the
heater for a moment
all right she's warmed up didn't seem to
explode it's a good sign so far so good
oh yeah there we go
temperatures coming up I've been
cranking the heater so it's all the way
maxed out on the heater just to like
cycle through the heater core put the
new fluid in there yeah man I think
we're ready to go well there we go

changed up the thermostat changed up the
accessory belt way easier and expected
the only difficult thing is just pulling
off the bottom panels other than that it
goes on pretty easily I mean three bolts
for the thermostat the accessory belts
just the serpentine belt so super super
easy alright guys so again this video is
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part number two three five three one
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more to do on this car before it's gone
so stay tuned for that will be change
out the valve cover gaskets it should be
pretty fun you're amazing thanks for
watching as always subscribe here like I
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