60032109 - Mounting a front cavallino on a 348

Every time somebody orders a front cavallino from Ricambi, they ask me "how do I attach this thing to my 348 grill?"

Well, my personal solution was about $1.23 worth of aluminum gutter flashing from Home Depot, some tin snips, and a little bit of patience. My installation is absolutely discreet, and when mounted on the car, you'd have to really be looking for the brackets.

The tin strips were cut into about 1.5cm wide strips, then rounded on each end. I wrapped around the grate, and drilled a hole through both ends of the strip. The stud from the cavallino slides right through, and voila! You're done.

It works. It's cheap. It looks great. What more could a brother want?

(my pictures are a bit shaky... too much Diet Coke this morning)