Part #: CS-01 CS-01 Chrome Saver Socket


     Chrome Saver (CS01)    1/2" drive

Hill Engineering's ChromeSaver socket is a must for any Ferrari owner who takes looking after their car seriously. These are designed with the end user in mind to help stop the frustration of the all too common problem of the chrome chipping off of the wheel bolts. Usually this is caused by the hard steel sockets that most of us use when taking the wheels off. The result of the chrome chipping off is a wheel bolt that is now exposed to the atmosphere and the inevitable sight of rusty wheel bolts is only days away.


The ChromeSaver Socket has been designed using a specially formulated aluminum that is rarely found in the automotive industry. Working closely with one of the worlds largest Aluminum mills, Hill Engineering has managed to develop an aluminum which has over twice the tensile strength of 6082. Not stopping at the material specification, they have also manufactured the 22mm drive of the socket so that the actual drive area is driven on the 6 flanks of the bolt head rather than the corners.


The ChromeSaver sockets been tested to over 500 lb/ft without deformation and when comparing to the most common wheel bolt torque specification of 72 lb ft, it is understandable why even after extensive use at a local independent Ferrari dealership, there is no show of wear to the drive areas of the socket.

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