Part #: 348OCK 348 Oil Change Kit


This is a oil change kit for the 348 model

Kit contains the following parts
1x 197654 Oil Filter
1x 10275011 Oil Drain Plug
1x 10263460 Copper Crush Washer
1x 10257060 Copper Crush Washer
1x 10300771 Oil Tank Plug (Hill Engineering)

Tired of struggling oil filter removal on your 348? You might also want to consider our oil filter cap wrench -- designed exclusively for the 197654 filter: Check it out here: OFT-02

** YES, this kit now includes the Hill Engineering oil tank plug 10300771 at no charge!  What used to be a $35+ plug has been recreated by Hill Engineering and we're including them in all 348 oil change kits!

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