Slick Shift Gates and Locks

Slick Shift Gates: In many classic-era Ferrari models, lateral gear shifts across the gear gate can be stiff and somewhat slow because of gate's design.  Hill Engineering solves this problem with the 'slick shift gate' that reduces the gear lever's lateral movement by nearly 20-degrees. This results in a substantially smoother lateral gear shift -- and smooth equals fast!  Hill Engineering slick shift gates are made from solid billet instead of the casting style employed in the Ferrari original gates.  To maintain a factory-like appearance, the slick shft gate is case hardened, satin chrome plated, and straight grained in finishing. Although the original cross head screws can be re-used on the slick shift gate, we ship them complete with replacement socket countersunk head screws and a 3mm Allen key. Suitable for both left & right hand drive cars.

Shift Gate Locks: An incredibly clever design, the Hill Engineering Shift Gate Lock securely locks your shift lever into the reverse location when your Ferrari is parked.  With an impossibly complex drill-resistant pin tumbler (2 keys included) and hardened billet construction, the gear shift lock offers an economical level of theft deterrence.  Like any device, with enough brute force or determination, these could be defeated -- but the Hill Engineering gear shift lock is an excellent visual deterrent that takes only seconds to install and provides peace of mind when parking your Ferrari in an unknown location. 


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Part: GL-01CA
GL-01CA Gate Lock for 3x8, Dino etc. Clear Anodize
GL-01CA Gate Lock for 3x8, Dino etc. Clear Anodize $118.00
Part: GL-02CA
GL-02CA Gate Lock for 355 Clear Anodized $128.00
Part: GL-03CA
GL-03CA Gate Lock for 512TR/M Clear Anodized $128.00
Part: SG01
SG01 SLICK SHIFT GATE - 308, 328, 348 etc $142.00
Part: SG02
SG02 SLICK SHIFT GATE - 246 DINO etc $142.00
Part: SG03
SG03 SLICK SHIFT GATE - 512TR (discontinued)
SG03 SLICK SHIFT GATE - 512TR (discontinued) Unavailable
Part: SG04
SG04 SLICK SHIFT GATE - 355 $168.00

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