20 MAR 2017 : Entourage and AOTF (All of the Ferraris)

Looking back at how and why Ferraris and Lamborghinis are used in films and tv shows has been fun—clearly, Hollywood's writers and producers have used these cars as symbols, loaded them with meaning, and then lovingly presented them to audiences as eager for a glimpse of a beautiful car as they are. We've seen cars represented on screen as a means of pure escapism, aspirational vehicles, dreams deferred, cautionary tales; we've been impressed by the depth of meaning some of these messages have conveyed. And then we looked at “Entourage.” HBO's hit show that ran from show 2004-2011 (and spawned a 2011 movie) has no depth. It's an adolescent's fantasy. A teenager's view of what is cool. And I should add, an exclusively male fantasy. So, what is cool to a teen? Being a movie star, living in a big house with all your friends, eschewing the responsibilities of adulthood by enjoying an extended adolescence. Your biggest dilemmas: which beautiful girl to go out with or which hotspot to eat at for lunch. And of course, deciding which cool car to drive. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati? Problems, problems...

Vince, the breadwinner and leader of the crew, is good looking, popular, irresistible to women, and despite his marginal talents, a successful actor. Opportunities abound for Vince, but we are most interested in the ones with four wheels. Clearly the show is fascinated with cars too, because not only do the producers fetishize each character's car, the car ultimately becoming an extension of his personality, they go so far as to cast Vince as Enzo Ferrari! And then he gets to drive a Ferrari 575M Superamerica! OK, we're a little jealous of this one.

Vince also takes his buddies along to the Auto Club Speedway for a day of fun racing and to celebrate one of the gang turning 30, each boy in their own Ferrari of course, and at the end of the day, the birthday boy, Turtle, is gifted with his own 2009 Ferrari California.  I wonder if Turtle know that Vince's 575M has four extra the cylinders?  At least both cars had innovative (for Ferrari) retractable hartop roofs. 

I shouldn't be so critical; after all, Turtle behind the wheel of this Ferrari gave the show one of it's funnier moments …



But perhaps the best known car moment on “Entourage” comes when Ari Gold, Vince's agent, is gifted by his wife (how sexist is this show that her name is only “Mrs. Ari!!) with a Ferrari of his own—a red F430. Maybe he only got the car so the producers could make this joke…

Groan. Moving on … lots of plot points involving male egos and Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, Ari decides to street race agent Adam Davies. And if you are older than about 13, the scene of these over privileged men acting like babies, endangering themselves and countless other innocent drivers and pedestrians, for the thrill of winning a meaningless and incredibly dangerous race, will make you cringe. 


I mean, I wasn't exactly rooting for that beautiful car's hood or grill to hit that school bus; I just wanted it to stop. We here at Ricambi America do not advocate street racing. If you must race your car, find a track, implement safety protocols, get trained, and have fun. And give us a call if you need anything to make your day at the track any safer or more enjoyable. Just remember, NO street racing, not even if you feel you must prove that a Ferrari is faster than a Porsche. Of course it is! Everyone knows that already—it's not worth it! Just say no to street racing!!