Part #: FHWA_BEZEL_NEW FHWA_BEZEL_NEW Fan/Hazard/Wiper/Ant


Complete set of unscratchable labels (308) including Fan, Hazard, Wiper, and Antenna (NEW STYLE)

** Please carefully review the icon for the fan and ensure this is the style you need for your vehicle **


The OEM labels, like most other labels, have the colored icons & lettering printed on top of the base material. Thus the markings are exposed to unavoidable wear from normal use & cleaning.
Unlike the OEM labels, these labels have markings that will not wear off with normal use.
These labels are called 'un-scratchable' because the colors, lettering & Icons on these labels are sealed under a layer of clear synthetic sapphire!!! Sapphire’s hardness is second only to diamond! As a result, the only way you can scrape the color or lettering off is if you gouge down to the aluminum!

The labels are 0.75mm/0.030" Aluminum sheet just like the OEM labels. They are held in place by the shaft nut for each switch.

These labels are only sold as sets to ensure that your cars labels are all perfectly color matched.
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