Part #: 328SK1 328/Mondial 3.2 Major Service Kit


This is a full service kit for the 328 and Mondial 3.2

This kit contains the following:

1 x End plate gasket
1 x End plate gasket
4 x Cam seal o-ring
4 x Cam seal
1 x Right valve cover gasket
1 x Left valve cover gasket
2 x Timing belt
1 x Fuel filter
1 x Air filter
1 x Oil filter
1 x Water pump belt
2 x Distributor seal
2 x Distributor cap gasket
2 x Distributor plate gasket
1 x Alternator belt
1 x A/C Belt
2 x Tensioner bearing (Hill Engineering PT308)
4 x Cam o-ring
1 x Thermostat
1 x Thermostat Gasket
8 x NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

This is what most shops use in a 30K service.

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