Part #: 64502200R-F 355 HVAC Panel Replacement - FAHRENHEIT


** With measurement scale in FAHRENHEIT **

This is a brilliant aftermarket fix for a bubbling, sticky, messy HVAC panel on the 355. If your 355 has ever seen the light of day, it's likely the HVAC panel has become a mess. The 355 may be a beautiful, fast, sexy car ... but the interior trim leaves a lot to be desired!

This replacement panel will NOT discolor, bubble, or melt! This replacement panel features proper opaque screen printing to allow nighttime illumination.

Ferrari does not sell a replacement panel -- only the entire HVAC control unit. For most people, the electronics work fine. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater and spend $1400 for a new unit. Our replacement panel will make the car look new again, for a *fraction* of the price.

If your air conditioning panel is sticky or bubbled, this is the solution you've been waiting for.

Installation instructions can be found here: HVAC Installation

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