Part #: SG01 SG01 SLICK SHIFT GATE - 308, 328, 348 etc


SLICK SHIFT GATE - 308, 328, 348 etc.

(This gate will also fit a Testarossa, but not a 512TR or 512M.  For those cars, please see gate SG03)

If you look at attached pictures you will see the modified "lead" around the four "gates". This slight lead makes an impressive difference to shifting between 1st & 2nd gear,3rd & 4th and back down vice versa. Although only a small detail, this modification of the gate pattern allows a smother and much faster gear change . When first tested on a 348TS the designers could not believe the difference in changing gear, the 348 box is known to be a nightmare at the best of times but with our "Slick-Shift" gate, the box has become a lot "friendlier".

Almost unbelievably, it is just as quick to shift from 1st to 2nd as it is from 2nd to 3rd!



If you look at the drawing below (click to enlage it) which shows the shift path for 1st into 2nd, you can see that the standard gate will only allow a maximum crossing of 30 degrees. This tends to be a lot less as the gate ends only have a radius on the ends and the gear shaft tends to hit the lower quadrant of the opposite gate thus having to shift into neutral, move across and then up into second gear. Obviously all this takes time.

With the slick shift gate the crossing between 1st & 2nd is a vast 21 degrees more.

The special geometry on the lead in/out of the "Slick-Shift" gates are 3 radii at a tangent to each other and on shifting out of 1st towards neutral the lever will pull over towards the 2nd gear gate even before you are in neutral. When the gear shaft is almost out of one gate, the lead on the opposite gate is ready to accept the gearshift and take it in to the next gear.  With all this taken into account shift times are quite easily reduced. The engineers have tended to find that a saving of 0.5 of a second is not uncommon when shifting across the box.

If you are just looking to make the gearbox shift "feel" a bit smother or are looking to reduce your lap times the "Slick-Shift gate" is the answer. 

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