Part #: DP-F40-LHD DP-F40-LHD LHD F40 Dead Pedal


LHD F40 Dead Pedal

The fasteners that are supplied are “Taptite” Self-tapping screws. Taptite screws are thread forming screws, having a tri-lobular cross-section which enables them to roll a thread in a prepared hole

The hole size required for the supplied M5 Taptite screw is 4.5mm diameter. Please ensure that you use only a 4.5-mm drill, as using any other size will affect the way that the Taptite screw will work.

After removing the old dead pedal, offer the new Aluminium Dead pedal up to check for positioning. When you are happy with the position it is recommended to drill one hole, fix the pedal with one screw, then drill any other fixing holes.

(Please note self-tapping screws have also been supplied for an alternative method of fixing)