Part #: RL-01 RL01 360F1 Reverse Gear Lever


Reverse gear lever - F360 F1

Has the reverse paddle in your F355 or 360/430 F1 gone 'loose' or floppy?  It's usually because the cheap plastic T-bar has broken inside.  Don't spend $3000+ for an entirely new F1 assembly -- have this vastly stronger aluminum  piece installed instead. 

A detailed installation guide for the F355 can be found here:
RL-01 Installation in F355

Wondering if this works in your Maserati?  It does!  Check it out here: 

** please note, this does not include the long threaded screws which are sometimes damaged in your original piece.   If you require new threaded screws, we have them available for purchase individually here:  RL-01-SCREW 

From Hill Engineering. (RL01)

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