Gear Lever/F1 Reverse/F1 Repair Solutions

Hill Engineering has solved the problem of broken F1 reverse T-handles in your Ferrari or Maserati.    If the little T-handle in your car has gone 'floppy', there's no need to replace the complete control panel... using one of our RL-01, RL-02, or RL-03 solutions, the handle can be restored to original functionality with just a few hours of easy installation by most shops. 

For 6-speed manual transmissions (Ferrari 360 and F430 applications), Hill Engineering has also solved the problem of loose or sloppy lateral movement in your Ferrari gear lever with their billet aluminum version of 174967.   

And finally, for F355 f1 owners, Ricambi America offers the complete F1 pump retrofit solution to solve your F1 transmission woes. Our F1 parts kit uses a Hill Engineering pump adapter block and Genuine 360 hydraulic pump to get your F355 F1 back on the road.  


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Please call Ricambi America at (336) 499.2500 (US) or +44 (0) 1784 818 003 (UK) for more information about this product. Our representatives are happy to assist with any questions you may have.
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Part: RL-01-SCREW
RL-01-SCREW $14.00
Part: 174967
174967 MANUAL GEAR LEVER BUSHING - 360/F430 $65.00
Part: RL-01
RL01 F1 Reverse Lever (360/355/575M) $97.00
Part: RL-03
RL-03 575SA and 612 Reverse Gear Lever
RL-03 575SA and 612 Reverse Gear Lever $110.00
Part: RL-02
RL-02 Quattroporte Reverse Lever
RL-02 Quattroporte Reverse Lever $139.00
Part: F355F1
F355 F1 Display
F355 F1 Display Repair $145.00
Part: PAB355-F1
PAB355-F1 F355 F1 Pump Retrofit Kit $450.00
Part: PAB355F1-C
PAB355F1-C F355 F1 Pump Combo
PAB355F1-C F355 F1 Pump Combo $1,100.00

8 Items

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