Part #: ET430 ET430 - Polished F430 Exhaust Tips (Set of 4)


This set of 4 highly polished exhaust tips for the F430 solves a longstanding problem -- ugly exhaust pipes! It may seem minor, but look at any F430 with the stock silencer, and you'll see dull gray/brown tips. The original tips arrive from Maranello in a matte finish, and with just a few drives they get even worse.

Now, from Hill Engineering in London, we are pleased to offer a complete set of exhaust sleeves for the F430 in highly polished 304 stainless steel. Unlike other sleeves on the market, these weigh a mere 330 grams each (other versions weigh as much as 1kg each!) and are designed for secure, semi-permanent installation. The set of four sleeves includes all the hardware necessary for installation in minutes, with no additional tools.

If you would prefer these tips in powder coated black stainless steel, we have them available here: ET430-B


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$292.00Set of 4