Part #: CRB360/430MS CRB360/430MS 6-speed Clutch Release Bearing (234943)


(For 6-speed manual cars only)

A vastly improved 360/F430 (Coupe and Spider, not for Scuderia or 16M) clutch throw-out bearing from Hill Engineering. This part is a substitute item for 234943 and made with considerably higher tensile aluminum. On OEM bearings, the casting near the rear seal groove has a tendency to blow out causing loss of clutch & fluid loss. Such failure is far less likely with this bearing, as it has been made to the exacting standards of Hill Engineering.

This bearing includes seals 172970, 208014, 172972, 154508, 154507, and 154551 pre-fitted. If you need additional seals, please contact us.

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This bearing is for 6-speed cars only. If you have an F1 equipped 360/F430 Coupe or Spider, please see bearing: CRB360/430F1S

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