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Part #: 168594 168594 T/O BEARING


T/O BEARING (new, blue seals, aluminium)

This bearing should only be used with gearboxes > 2439. If used on a 348, the preload springs will not be in exact alignment with the flange. 348 owners, we recommend use of the original cast iron bearing 155226


BUT, if you're looking for a clutch thrust bearing that is better than the Ferrari version, and likely to never fail or need replacement again, please consider the CRB355MS (with pre-fitted seals!) from Hill Engineering. There are specific versions for F1 and 6-speed cars, and we have them listed here:

F355 6-speed gearboxes use this one : CRB355MS

F355 F1 gearboxes use this one : CRB355F1-MS

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