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Part #: 148494 148494 VALVE/CHECK



From the 348/Mondial t workshop manual :

Air Supply in the Area of Cylinder Heads

In order to reduce the emissions of HC and CO during the warm-up phase following a cold start, the ECU of the cylinder bank 1-4 activates a secondary air supply system. the secondary air taken from the air filter is supplied after the exhaust valves directly to the exhaust manifolds. This measure ensures effective combustion of hydrocarbons remaining in the exhaust gasses.

The supply of secondary air is activated when the coolant has reached a temperature of 15dC - 50dC; at a coolant temperature below 15dC this function is not activated in order to avoide overheating of the exhaust system due to an excessively rich mixture.

Under conditions rendering the supply of air to the exhaust system necessary, the control unit energizes the solenoid valve +4, thus releasing the vacuum line between the air intake shut-off valve +1 which opens enabling the flow of air from the air filter to the exhaust manifolds. Integrated in the air supply lines are two non-return valves +2 which prevent the return flow of exhaust gasses in the event of the pressure in the outlet pipes increasing.

Ferrari 348 Check Valve


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