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Part #: 150195 150195 LEFT VALVE COVER GASKET (TESTAROSSA, 512TR, 512M)



Valve cover gaskets 150195 and 150196 are only for use on TR vehicles, after chassis 71451 which have rubber gaskets 127649 around each spark plug cavity.

Note: This gasket will arrive to you with factory-applied red sealant on the critical mating surfaces. This sealant may become gently stuck to our Ricambi America packaging materials during shipping. Therefore, to properly unpack your gaskets, we recommend cutting the packaging carefully along the longest edge and lifting your gasket out instead of pulling.   Do not 'pull' them from the bag.  Pulling the product from our packaging can tear/rip fragile gasket edges.  Most Ferrari valve cover gaskets are designed for cut-to-fit installation and require cutting gasket end pieces to fit around cam shafts.

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