Advantages of Ferrari Ownership

ferrariOf course, there are advantages of owning a Ferrari! Why would you think there wouldn’t be? The key question is whether there are advantages above and beyond those of owning any other car including the one you drive to work every day. There are reasons people invest the money they do into a Ferrari, and it is certainly not because they need a car to go back and forth to work!

Feeling of Freedom

Probably the single most important advantage of owning a Ferrari is the feeling of freedom you have when you are driving this ultimate luxury sports car. You can let the wind blow through the windows and just give you a feeling that nothing else matters. If you are stressed from work, you can take your Ferrari out for a spin and forget about everything else.

Feeling of Achievement

For other people owning a Ferrari gives them a sense of achievement, like they have “arrived” on the financial scene. Even if you buy a used Ferrari, there tends to be that feeling that you had to work hard to save the money for the down payment, extra cost for insurance and the maintenance costs. All of these factors allow the new Ferrari owner to feel that he is someone special because he has had to jump so many hurdles to achieve his dream of Ferrari ownership.

Symbol of Prestige

Other Ferrari owners like the feeling of prestige, like they really are “somebody” because they own a Ferrari. While this is more common with the wealthy than those who have to struggle to save the money for the down payment, it can happen even to those who are not in the high-income bracket. There is a tendency to think because they own a Ferrari they are someone “special” even if the one they buy is an older model.

Gives Them a Chance to Participate in Races

For those who enjoy racing, the Ferrari provides that opportunity. They can engage in track racing or street racing in areas where it is legal. The feeling of freedom is again achieved from the high speeds and spinning around the curves on the track. It can be highly exhilarating and provide the driver with a feeling of freedom as well. For someone who has dreams of racing but doesn’t have the training, racing for fun can fulfill the void they feel from not being able to fulfill their dreams of racing.

Provides a Feeling of Accomplishment

Since most people who own Ferraris choose to do all of their own routine maintenance, you can achieve a sense of accomplishment. You take the time to purchase high quality replacement parts and follow all the instructions the manufacturer provides in order to keep your car performing optimally and you will feel you have done something that you are good at doing—enjoying it at the same time. There is nothing that can beat the sense of accomplishment you feel when you are responsible for making certain your Ferrari is performing its very best.

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